ONTARIO: Complete Gr. 4 Science and Social Studies Inquiry Unit ** FULL YEAR BUNDLE **

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Meet all Grade 4 Ontario curriculum expectations with our Science and Social Studies Full Year Bundle. This comprehensive bundle includes six units with inquiry-based activities, hands-on learning, and differentiated instruction. Engage your students with lessons on physical regions, light and sound, habitats, rocks and minerals, pulleys and gears, and early societies. Simplify lesson planning and ensure effective teaching with this all-inclusive bundle.

ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4 Pulleys and Gears Machines and their Mechanisms

ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4 Light and Sound Full Inquiry Based Unit

ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4 Rocks and Minerals Complete Inquiry Unit

ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4 Habitats Inquiry Based Unit

Grade 4 Physical Regions of Canada Unit - ONTARIO SOCIAL STUDIES:

Teach Grade 4 physical regions of Canada with our comprehensive unit. It meets Ontario curriculum expectations, covering mapping, political and physical regions, economic sectors, and sustainability. Engage students with detailed lesson plans, task cards, student reflections, and a final inquiry project. Perfect for exploring Canada's diverse environments and their impacts.

Grade 4 Early Societies Complete Inquiry Unit - ONTARIO SOCIAL STUDIES

Explore grade 4 early societies with a comprehensive unit designed to meet Ontario curriculum requirements. Engage students with hands-on activities, differentiated instruction, and inquiry-based learning projects. Cover mapping, timelines, environmental impacts, and civilization features while comparing daily life across societies. This unit makes history fun and engaging for all learners.

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Are you looking for a full-year bundle that meets Grade 4 Ontario Curriculum expectations for Science and Social Studies? Look no further! Our Grade 4 Science and Social Studies Full Year Bundle includes six units designed to meet every expectation all year long.


Finally, you will have the full year of all science and social studies units for the grade 4 Ontario curriculum. These units will help you implement a student-centered, project-based inquiry learning program in your classroom.


These units are designed to meet the expectations for the Ontario Social Studies and Science curriculum. Each unit is designed with inquiry in mind and includes inquiry activities and projects. Lessons are easy to follow and the activities are easily differentiated for a range of learners.


This Grade 4 Science and Social Studies Bundle Includes these units:


Our lessons use various strategies that can prevent boredom, increase engagement, and promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity in students—ultimately making good teaching easy by giving you the variety of teaching strategies you need so you can improve teaching effectiveness and promote student learning.


Benefits of this Grade 4 Science and Social Studies BUNDLE:

❤️ Save time on lesson planning and resource gathering

❤️Simplify your curriculum with comprehensive lesson plans and assessments

❤️Engage your students with interactive activities and visual aids

❤️Provide high-quality learning materials that align with the Grade 3 Ontario curriculum

❤️Ensure your students understand complex topics with detailed explanations and examples


Types of Learning Tasks Included in this Grade 4 Science and Social Studies BUNDLE:

✅Wonder Walls


✅Research Articles Included at a grade 3 reading level

✅Hands-on Activities


✅Group Activities

✅Exit Cards

✅Inquiry Learning Projects

✅Unit and Project Rubrics


Our resources are designed to help you engage and inspire your students with fun and engaging lessons. With everything you need at your fingertips, you’ll gain confidence as a teacher, allowing you to focus on what you do best—teaching!


Easily incorporate our Full Year Bundle into your Grade 4 classroom and meet the Ontario Curriculum expectations for Science and Social Studies units. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive bundle that will keep your students engaged and learning all year!


Meets the 2023 Grade 4 Ontario Curriculum Requirements!!


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Grade 4 Science and Social Studies BUNDLE

ONTARIO: Complete Gr. 4 Science and Social Studies Inquiry Unit ** FULL YEAR BUNDLE **

Original price was: $127.13.Current price is: $108.84.