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Madly Learning focuses on pedagogical values such as universal design and differentiated instruction, adapting to diverse student needs. Emphasizing student voice and active learning, its resources foster a constructivist, student-centered classroom ensuring daily implementation of effective, high-yield teaching strategies.


Madly Learning adopts a student-centred approach in its resources, emphasizing engaging, differentiated materials tailored to diverse learning styles. This method enhances student retention and success by aligning with their interests and needs. Interactive and hands-on lessons foster a dynamic, student-focused learning environment.


Madly Learning offers comprehensive solutions to ease your teaching workload, including detailed three-part lesson plans, a lesson scope, and a lesson sequence pacing guide. Our fully integrated lessons provide all the necessary materials, allowing you to focus on what you love: teaching. Select your subject and print the materials, creating a stress-free, smoothly-run classroom experience.

Our Comprehensive Programs

Madly Learning’s resources, tailored for Canadian educators, offer engaging, high-yield strategies for dynamic classroom learning. Moving beyond traditional methods, these comprehensive lesson plans are continuously updated, ensuring cultural relevance and professional reliability. Emphasizing constructivist pedagogy, they make learning accessible and meaningful, providing an evolving, effective educational experience.


Learn more about our full year comprehensive literacy program for grades 3-6 - Ignited Literacy


Learn more about our full-year spiralled math program for grades 3-6 - Ignited Math.

Science and Social Studies

Learn more about our interactive inquiry units for grades 3-6 classrooms

Classroom Support

Learn how we support teachers through our professional online learning community, and professional development video and audio library.

As a teacher, you know the kind of teacher you want to be, but you don't see how you will make that happen with everything you need to do in a day. 

You feel stressed and overwhelmed with all you need to do each day.  You spend hours planning, prepping and marking each day only to do it all over again the next day.  This is time that you don't have .  


Ignited Literacy

Ignited Literacy is an extensive language arts program for grades 3-6, focusing on building literacy skills through a structured, spiraled approach. It includes comprehensive weekly lesson plans, a variety of reading materials, and writing activities. The program emphasizes student choice, digital literacy, and critical thinking. It offers assessment tools, digital access, and a community forum for teacher support, ensuring adaptability to changing curriculums and teaching methodologies.

Ignited Math

Ignited Math is a spiraled math program for grades 3-6, designed to enhance mathematics teaching through a systematic approach. It features detailed weekly lesson plans, engaging math centers, differentiated guided math lessons, daily warm-ups, weekly inquiry challenges, and reflective journals. The program emphasizes student choice and engagement, utilizing a gradual release of responsibility model to connect themes and big ideas across multiple learning strands. Structured in 5-week units, it covers various expectations, offering flexibility for teachers to adapt to classroom needs. 



Science and Social Studies

Madly Learning's science and social studies resources offer engaging, inquiry-based learning with a mix of activities, experiments, and projects. Designed to reduce planning time, they emphasize hands-on, culturally responsive education. These units support teachers with extensive resources and promote student engagement and critical thinking, transforming the classroom experience into a dynamic, interactive journey.

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inquiry based learning in the classroom

Teacher Love. . .

Welcome! My name is Patti.

 I am a teacher in Ontario Canada.  I teach a 4/5 split grade class and very much enjoy teaching a split for the opportunities for differentiation.

My blog started a few years ago when I saw a lack of teacher blogs that reflected my needs as a Canadian teacher.  Since then, I have grown to blog about my experiences in my classroom and new pedagogies as I experience them.  Selling my resources on TPT was a natural progression for me after many requests for the materials that I was writing about.

At the same time, I have grown my family.  Our family is now complete with our three wonderful children.  I couldn’t do any of this without the support of my husband.  He has been very helpful and supportive of my endeavors! He is now an integral part of Madly Learning inc. by helping to support my efforts both here on my blog and on TPT.

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