ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4 Rocks and Minerals Complete Inquiry Unit



Are you trying to teach grade 4 rocks and minerals? This is a complete unit designed to meet the complete Ontario Curriculum for grade 4. This Unit has everything you will need to cover all of the learning objectives in an engaging and hands-on way that both you and your students will love.


This grade 4 rocks unit uses current best practices in teaching including inquiry-based learning, differentiated instruction and universal design.


Skip those boring workbooks or repetitive lessons. Students will be engaged in a wide variety of activities each and every lesson.


Features of this Grade 4 Rocks Unit:

  • Wonder Wall Activities
  • Hands-on Experiments
  • Interactive Research Activities
  • Group Work
  • Independent Work
  • Inquiry Projects


Use these lessons and activities to meet the following learning goals.

1) Understand the difference between Rocks and Minerals

2) Exploring Rocks and Minerals in our everyday life

3) Describe the properties that are used to identify minerals, (colour, lustre, streak, transparency, hardness)

4) Describe how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed in the Rock Cycle

5) Describe the characteristics of the three classes of rocks

6) Investigate types of materials that are made of Rocks and Minerals.

7) Choose a product made using Rocks or Minerals to explore for an inquiry project.

8) Explore the Environmental Costs to using Rocks and Minerals


A Set of Rock and Mineral Samples (Although this unit can be used without them) is highly recommended. Using samples of rocks and minerals will allow a much better experience for students in their learning


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ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4 Rocks and Minerals Complete Inquiry Unit