ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 6 Biodiversity Complete Inquiry Unit


Ignite your students’ curiosity with our comprehensive Grade 6 Biodiversity Inquiry Unit. This hands-on, minds-on unit includes easy-to-use lessons, interactive notebooks, experiments, and assessments aligned with the Ontario Curriculum and NGSS standards. Transform your classroom with engaging activities that make learning about electricity both fun and educational.


In this comprehensive grade 6 biodiversity inquiry unit students will explore how all living things are connected. Students will learn how biodiversity is critical to the health and well being of the planet. Focus on inquiry as you help to guide students through student centered activities that will engage and inspire great discussions and deep learning into the topics of this unit.


This is a complete inquiry-based unit. More than just a series of centers or activities that will only cover some of what you need this unit meets all of the curriculum expectations for the Ontario grade 6 biodiversity unit over a 4-6 week time frame.

Utilizing best practices in teaching and learning this grade 6 biodiversity unit include:

⭐ easy to follow lesson plans that outline your prep, lesson, opportunities for assessment, accommodation and modification suggestions for IEP and ELL students

⭐ Background information for the teacher ( just in case you are not a science major and may need a refresher)

⭐ constructing a wonder wall to guide your students’ questions and learning

⭐ conduct knowledge building circles

⭐ gamify your classroom through escape learning games and role play

⭐ leveraging digital to conduct research using a curated source of student-friendly information


Through this grade 6 biodiversity unit students will…

➀ Learn how to classify animals through an interactive escape game

➁ Create a learning capsule that helps them to diagram their learning and the animal classification system

➂ Discover how issues such as climate change, pollution, human impact, resource depletion, endangered species and more

➃ Conduct an experiment that helps students to demonstrate how greenhouse gases are impacting climate change

➄ Conduct an inquiry project that focuses on student choice to dig deeper into a topic of interest that is impacting biodiversity.


This unit meets the expectations for:

Ontario – Grade 6 Biodiversity


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FAQ: More About This Product

♦ I’ve never done inquiry will this be right for me?

Inquiry is more than a project it is a way to leverage student voice and choice throughout the learning to engage and inspire deep learning. This unit along with the other supports provided to you by Madly Learning will help you to implement more inquiry-based teaching in your classroom. The lessons are clearly laid out and will help you transition from a traditional learning model to a more inquiry approach.


♦”Does this product align to my curriculum standards?

This unit is aligned to the Ontario curriculum and meets all of the expectations of the

{ONTARIO} – Grade 6: Biodiversity


♦How do I use this product with my special education and English Language learners?

This is a hands-on unit and is easily differentiated to meet the needs of complex learners. Narrowing the focus to simply understanding the big ideas reduces the complexity of the activities in this unit while also allowing students to participate in activities that are modified at grade level for science. Many of the reading and research materials are available online and can be supported by using the digital reading software. Because this unit is student-centred and inquiry focused it is easier to differentiate the content and product produced by the students by increasing or decreasing the complexity of level and depth of understanding.


Is this in French – No. Madly Learning does not produce products in French. (We have in the past and it did not work) We are unable to ensure and maintain quality products in a language we do not speak. We do not intend to translate this or other products into French.


Meets the 2023 Curriculum Requirements!!


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ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 6 Biodiversity Complete Inquiry Unit