ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4/5 Full Inquiry Based Science Unit **FULL YEAR BUNDLE **


ONTARIO SCIENCE: Gr. 4 & 5 Light and Sound & Properties of and Changes in Matter

ONTARIO SCIENCE: GR. 4/5 Habitats and Human Body - Inquiry Unit BUNDLE

GR. 4/5 Combined: Rocks and Minerals and Conservation of Energy

ONTARIO SCIENCE: GR. 4/5 Forces Acting on Structures & Pulleys and Gears Inquiry

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Finally, you will have the full year of all science units.

These units will help you implement a student centered, project based inquiry learning program into your classroom.

Buy now and you can get all of my Grade 4/5 Combined Science and Social Studies Bundles in one convenient download. This bundle currently includes 8 Science Units (four per grade)

These units are designed to meet the expectations for the Ontario Science curriculum (they also cover many NGSS standards as well).

Each unit is designed with inquiry in mind and includes inquiry activities and projects. Lessons are easy to follow and the activities are easily differentiated for a range of learners.

This Bundle Includes

4/5 Light and Sound and Properties and Changes in Matter

4/5 Habitats and Human Body

4/5 Rocks and Minerals & Energy Conservation

4/5 Pulleys and Gears & Forces Acting on Structures


Activities Include

Detailed lesson plans to teach both grades together.

Task Cards

Wonder Wall Provocation Cards (great to start off you inquiry)

Games for Students

Hands on Science Experiments

Background Notes for the Teacher

Interactive Notebook Reflection activities

Original NonFiction Texts to support student learning

Final Inquiry Project

Answer pages

Student Research links (Access to technology for this component of the product is highly recommended)


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Meets the 2023 Curriculum Requirements!!


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ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4/5 Full Inquiry Based Science Unit **FULL YEAR BUNDLE **