4/5 Habitats and Human Body – Ontario Science Unit


Discover this great Ontario science unit on the human body and global habitats for Grade 4 and 5 split grade classrooms. This unit covers body systems like digestive, respiratory, and circulatory, and habitats such as Arctic Tundra and Tropical Rainforests.


Enhance your Grade 4 and 5 teaching experience with our comprehensive Ontario-based units on Habitats and the Human Body. These units are specifically designed to align with the 2023 curriculum requirements, ensuring that your teaching methods are up-to-date and effective.

Human Body Unit (Ontario Science Grade 4/5): Dive into the fundamentals of the human body with detailed explorations of the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems. This unit covers the basic structures and functions of human organs, along with common diseases. It’s an ideal resource for teaching the intricate systems of the human body through engaging and interactive methods including STEM experiments, project-based learning, and more.

Habitats Unit (Ontario Science Grade 4/5): Explore diverse global ecosystems including the Arctic Tundra, various ocean habitats, Grasslands, Tropical Rainforests, Deserts, and Coniferous Forests. This unit also delves into topics such as Endangered Animals, Food Chains and Webs, and Animal Adaptations, equipped with a Habitats Game to reinforce learning. Each topic is presented through hands-on activities and interactive learning strategies, perfect for nurturing a deeper understanding of environmental science.

Comprehensive Teaching Tools Included:

  • Detailed lesson plans for combined grades
  • Interactive notebooks and reflection activities
  •  Hands-on science experiments
  • Task and Provocation Cards to stimulate inquiry
  • Engaging games that reinforce key concepts
  • Original Non-Fiction Texts to enhance reading and comprehension
  • A culminating Inquiry Project to consolidate learning
  • Comprehensive answer pages and student research links

Special Bonus: The Supplementary Habitats Research Package is included FREE inside this unit.  This is a $10 value if you buy it seperately

Ontario Science Teachers: We have you covered, even if teaching science is not your thing.  Our units provide you with detailed lessons, teacher notes and guides to make you feel more confident teaching science to your classroom.

Technology Integration: This unit is designed to integrate seamlessly with technology, providing links for student research that enhance learning outcomes.

Prepare your students with the skills they need to understand the human body and diverse habitats with our expertly designed educational units for Ontario Grade 4 and Grade 5 students.


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4/5 Habitats and Human Body – Ontario Science Unit