ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4 Light and Sound Full Inquiry Based Unit



This is a complete grade 4 Light and Sound unit!


This inquiry unit covers everything that you will need to meet the expectations for the Understanding Matter and Energy strand of the updated Ontario curriculum. Go beyond the simple centers activity approach and take your students deeper into inquiry . This unit has a variety of instructional strategies that will allow you to teach your grade 4 students with easy to use lessons, activities, knowledge building circles, interactive notebooks, experiments, role plays, assessment materials, task cards games, and both original research materials and exclusive access to curated online research materials.


The Grade 4 Light and Sound lessons in this unit include:

★ Light and sound in our world

★ How light travels

★Light and colour

★ How sound travels

★ Light and sound safety

★ Inquiry: Impact of Light and Sound inventions


What others are saying about my grade 4 light and sound resources…

“I am new to teaching Grade 5 and this resource has been very helpful. I like the way the lessons flow and the links are great. I am learning along with the students!”

“This is unit has always been one I’ve struggled with, and this helped me immensely. The quality is excellent and aligns with the curriculum expectations. The resources provided throughout the unit are all useful and very creative.”

“I LOVE these split unit plans! It makes planning so much easier – for both me and the students!”


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Meets the 2023 Curriculum Requirements!!


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grade 4 light and sound

ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4 Light and Sound Full Inquiry Based Unit