ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4 Pulleys and Gears Machines and their Mechanisms



Check out our complete project based grade 4 Pulleys and Gears inquiry unit!


This inquiry unit covers everything that you will need to meet the expectations for the Understanding Structures and Mechanisms strand of the updated Ontario curriculum and the Common Core/Next Generation Science Standards.


Go beyond the simple centers activity approach and take your students deeper into inquiry. Students will learn all about the amazing impact that pulleys and gears have on our daily life Lessons are based on an STEM / inquiry model where students discover and explore concepts alongside the teacher.


This grade 4 pulleys and gears unit has a variety of instructional strategies that will allow you to teach your students with:

★ Wonder Wall / Provocation materials

★ Detailed lesson plans

★Task Cards

★Games for Students

★Science Experiments

★Background Notes for the Teacher

★Interactive Notebook Reflection activities

★Interactive Notebook Student Instruction cards

★Original Non Fiction Texts to support student learning written at student reading level.

★Final Inquiry Project

★Scaffolded research report pages

★Answer pages

★Student Research links



Key lessons for this Grade 4 Pulleys and Gears unit include

⇒What is a Pulley

⇒Types of Pulleys

⇒Mechanical Advantage

⇒Types of Gears

⇒How Simple Machines help us.


The culminating activity allows students to

  • research
  • build and test pulley and gear system
  • apply the knowledge they built throughout the unit.


What teachers are saying about my this Grade 4 Pulleys Unit…

“This is fantastic! I’m new to Gr 4 this year and having this unit as a basis for Pulley and Gears is wonderful!”

“Thanks for creating this collection of activities and sharing it with us. This will make my job so much easier this year!”

“Extremely in-depth resource which helped me to understand pulleys and gears better! Great activities and explanations for all types of learners!”

“A wonderfully helpful and detailed resource that really helped my science unit instruction. Thank you!”

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Meets the 2023 Curriculum Requirements!!


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ONTARIO SCIENCE: Grade 4 Pulleys and Gears Machines and their Mechanisms