ONTARIO SCIENCE: Gr 6 – SPACE: An Inquiry Unit


Ignite your students’ curiosity with our comprehensive Grade 6 Space Inquiry Unit. This hands-on, minds-on unit includes easy-to-use lessons, interactive notebooks, experiments, and assessments aligned with the Ontario Curriculum and NGSS standards. Transform your classroom with engaging activities that make learning about space both fun and educational.


Get everything you need to teach GRADE 6 SPACE in this complete inquiry unit for Ontario grade 6 classrooms.  


This inquiry unit covers everything that you will need to meet the expectations for the Ontario curriculum. Go beyond the simple centers activity approach and take your students deeper into inquiry.


This unit uses a variety of instructional strategies that will allow you to teach your grade 6 students with:

✅ easy to use lessons

✅ interactive collaborative activities

✅ knowledge building circles

✅ interactive notebooks

✅ easy and engaging experiments

✅ assessment materials

✅ task cards games

✅ original research materials and curated online research materials.


Through this grade 6 space unit, we want to give teachers the tools to bring inquiry-based learning into their classrooms simply and easily.  We structure each lesson so that we lead with student questions and learning goals and allow students to discover concepts and learning that will help them understand the purpose of the lesson.


There are 12 lessons total in this grade 6 space unit, including a final inquiry project.  Each lesson comes with:

  • A detailed lesson plan, including learning goals
  • Outline of prep required
  • Teacher-directed and student-independent tasks outlined in detail
  • Suggested assessment tasks and support materials as needed
  • Additional teacher notes
  • All activity pages for students
  • Original research pages and curated research links as needed.
  • Answer keys
  • Additional teacher notes to help the teacher facilitate difficult concepts as needed.
  • Easy navigation links for teacher use

These grade 6 space lessons are easily differentiated to allow many students regardless of skill or ability level access to the learning.


The Grade 6 SPACE unit includes:

★ Wonder Wall and Diagnostic Assessment for SPACE

★ Understanding SPACE Vocabulary ‘Space Hunt’ Game

★ Identifying the Planets in the Solar System and Making a Human Scale Model

★ Comets, Meteors and Asteroids Game of Space Helmets

★ Understanding The Phases of the Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Tides Centers activities

★ Technology in Space

★ Making a Sundial Hands-On Activity

★ Can We Live Here Debate Activity: Exploring the conditions that sustain life.

★ Exploring the International Space Station

★ Canada’s History in Space – A Space Timeline

★ Culminating Inquiry Project – Two inquiry project options are included

– Make your own invention to survive in space

– We Want You To Work In Space: Explore Working in the Space Industry


Assessment materials are included with this unit including both formative and summative tasks.  There is a learning goal tracking page that can be used to track progress throughout the learning, suggested assessment tasks at the end of each lesson and rubrics for assessing the final inquiry project.


Check out our Grade 6 Ontario Science BUNDLE here!!



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this include everything I need? Yes, this includes all the lessons you will need to meet the Ontario curriculum.  While each teacher will tailor this to meet the needs of their own individual students, you will not need to go to other sources.  This unit covers it all.  However, you will need to purchase simple supplies for the experiments such as balloons, toothpicks, 2L pop bottles.  We have endeavoured to design experiments that could be accomplished with school supplies or donations from families or minimal funds.
  2. My students are new to inquiry (and so am I) Will this work for my class?.  That is totally okay if you are new to inquiry.  If you are here reading this, then you know that this method of teaching is best for kids! We have designed this unit to support teachers and students at all stages of the inquiry journey.  The unit starts with activating students learning through a Wonderwall activity.  This will generate questions that will lead your students throughout the unit to discover more about SPACE.  Each lesson allows students to discover the answers to their inquiry questions through structured activities.  Each teacher has the flexibility to provide as much or as little guidance as needed.
  3. Is this in French?: No, here at Madly Learning we do not make products in French.  We stand behind our products and our ability to keep them constantly updated and current.  We are unable to maintain that level of quality in a French product.
  4. How will I differentiate this for my neediest students? The best part of inquiry is that it is easily differentiated.  Through the hands-on experiments, students can see the learning happen.  They are simple and easy to do and the complexity of student understanding can be easily varied when assessed by the teacher.  Because this unit does not rely heavily on read and respond activities, like a traditional textbook or cheap workbooks, students are able to better access the learning being taught.
  5. This unit is a large investment, is it worth it? So many times, we tell ourselves that we can make do with the cheaper thing.  Or why would I spend more for the same thing?  Well, often it’s because it’s cheap for a reason.  It’s doesn’t support good teaching strategies, or it isn’t a great fit for the student’s abilities. We’ve all been burned by buying something for our classroom and realizing when we download the file it is not going to work for our complex needs.  It is important that you know who you are buying from, that you know their experience in a Canadian classroom.  Madly Learning has extensive support materials, courses, programs that have supported teachers on all things teaching for over 9 years.  All Madly Learning products are research-based, professionally designed, edited and written by a team of experienced Canadian classroom teachers.  These are quality resources that are made, not just for our classrooms but the quality you should expect of professionally published materials backed by the personal support of Team Madly Learning.  An investment in a Madly Learning product is an investment in giving your students excellent materials that help them learn while allowing you the teacher to invest your own time on things more important than unit planning.


Meets the 2023 Curriculum Requirements!!


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ONTARIO SCIENCE: Gr 6 – SPACE: An Inquiry Unit