210: Write your Learning Skills Quickly and Easily with Student Evaluator

I am constantly looking for ways that I can simplify my report card writing so that it takes less time. 

The last thing I have is an additional 40 hours a week to be writing my report cards, and I bet you feel the same way!

In this episode, I am telling you about how I simplify the process of writing report cards and how I systematize writing learning skills for each student.

I understand that learning skills should be personalized and tailored to each and every student, but that could take days. For a busy teacher and mom, that is not realistic!

I have found the perfect program to help me write learning skills that take half the time and are still personalized – it is called Student Evaluator.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Why it takes so long to write out report cards
  • How I used to write out learning skills for my students
  • How to generate comments with Student Evaluator 
  • Which students I don’t use Student Evaluator for

The longer I have been a part of the Student Evaluator community, the more customized and quality comments are being generated because they’re continually adding more fresh comments within their own comment bank.

Using this program, you will save yourself probably half of the time that you would have done doing it yourself. Thankfully, writing learning skills and report cards do not feel as overwhelming or daunting because of this.

You can sign up for Student Evaluator and get 10% off by clicking here!

Also, make sure you check out the resources below to learn more about how you can save yourself time and energy with report cards!


Resources Mentioned:

Student Evaluator: Get 10% off!

Report Cards Made Simpler

How a Comment Bank Can Help You Write Report Cards


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