207: Holiday Concert Ideas That Still Cover Curriculum

Let’s talk about holiday concerts. 

They might look a little different during the pandemic, but I know a lot of you are still expected to get the whole school involved which means you’ve got a lot to think about!

Holiday concerts can be a fun opportunity to have students present things to their families and to engage families in the community of your school. However, it does take away from your instructional time, and I know you’re already pressed for time, so I want to make sure that your holiday concert can be tied to curriculum expectations. 

In this episode, I’m sharing holiday concert ideas that will be fun for your students while also covering the curriculum. Your students get to enjoy the holiday spirit, and you don’t have to worry about fitting everything in in even less time! 

This episode will help you if you’ve been struggling to come up with holiday concert ideas!

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: Teaching with Madly Learning Podcast Pinterest graphic titled Holiday Concert Ideas That Still Cover Curriculum

  • Having students write scripts, poems, and stories for the holiday concert 
  • How to assign writing projects to each student 
  • Rewriting familiar holiday stories 
  • Turning students’ writing into dramatizations 
  • Teaching oral language strategies in preparation for presenting 
  • Why you should use dance in your holiday concert 
  • Easy ways to incorporate music 
  • Why the holiday concert is perfect for teaching social studies 
  • Getting assessment data out of time spent on holiday concert prep

If you come up with any of your own great holiday concert ideas, share them on social media and tag Madly Learning! I would love to see what you come up with and I know other listeners would too.  

Check out THIS VIDEO on the Madly Learning YouTube channel for some fun and easy holiday concert dance ideas! 


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Holiday Concert Dance Ideas


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