209: So You’re Going Remote! 4 Things You are Not Going To Do When Pivoting to Remote Teaching

We are all anticipating remote teaching sooner rather than later…

In this episode, I am discussing the 4 things that you absolutely should not be doing when pivoting to remote.

We can make the shift to remote teaching really easy and cost-effective by simply finding alternative ways of teaching or using what we already have. Remote learning is not ideal for any student, but we can do the best we can to make it as effective for our students as possible.

For example, we do not need to have everything digitized, we do not need to overcomplicate the technology we use, and we also do not need to feel like we have to be the band-aid for the inevitable problems that arise.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • How to adapt and change your existing resources to work for remote
  • Easy examples of how to find digital versions of your hard copy resources
  • Why it’s not necessary to overcomplicate your tech
  • How to avoid FOMO
  • Why I don’t plan to create a slideshow for everything
  • How to not get overwhelmed by inevitable remote learning-related issues

Remember, find the simplest solution to adapt what you already have to make it work for online learning. Use the tools that you have, but do not use more than you need.

Imagine what you would do if the photocopier was broken at school. How would your lessons change? How would they be modified if you could not photocopy anything at school? You’d have to change how you taught, but you would still be able to teach. It would initially be more complicated, but you would be able to do it. What we would do to adapt our in-person learning when we don’t have a photocopier is often the same things we can do to adapt our work when we are now in a remote learning situation.

Remote learning is not ideal for any student, but we can do the best we can to make it as effective for our students as possible. If you want to see an insight into what my remote teaching schedule is going to look like and what my lesson plans may look like, check out my remote learning schedules and lists linked below.


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