217: Why There Is So Much More Than Just Long Division

Have you ever been questioned about how you teach math or why you teach certain strategies especially when it comes to long division? Most of us have. 

In this episode, I’m continuing the discussion about new math and why we teach so many different strategies to help kids solve number problems. 

I’m specifically walking you through different ways to teach division because division is often the most challenging. We’re looking at different strategies, why we use them, and what order I would teach them in. I’m giving you examples of each strategy so that you can see exactly how I would teach them in my classroom. 

To get the most out of this episode, you might want to check out the video that goes with it on the Madly Learning YouTube Channel. There you’ll be able to see the division problems that I’m explaining on the screen and follow along. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Why we teach students so many different strategies
  • Understanding that not every student approaches problems the same way 
  • Teaching division using subtraction 
  • The relationships between different mathematical operations
  • How to use an open number line 
  • Teaching the strategies that we use in our heads 
  • Playing to your students’ strengths 
  • Starting with cheat sheets 
  • The “Big 7” strategy 
  • The standard algorithm for long division

We teach new math because we are trying to give students all of the strategies they need to understand how to solve problems. We want to create confident mathematicians and students who don’t graduate thinking that they’re bad at math. 

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