Your Roadmap To A Better Year In Math

What if Teaching Math in your Ontario Grade 3-6 Classroom was easy…

If you had

The Time

The Resources

The Roadmap

you could finally focus more on building stronger math students instead of gathering stuff for your next lesson

But maybe you're still stuck on to these 4 Beliefs holding you back from creating an Amazing MATH program.

Some kids are just not good at math

The truth is: every child has the ability to succeed in math.  However, the path to success may look different.  The key to a strong math program is for teachers to be flexible and adaptable.  This means they should teach multiple strategies and give a balance of practice and problem solving. 

New Math is Bad

The Truth is: New Math isn’t new.  The strategies we teach today are not new concepts.  The only thing new is that we actually teach them explicitly.  We now teach the once elite secret strategies that those who just ‘get math’ have always just done in their head.  New math simply gives it a name and writes is down on paper.  These strategies serve as a bridge between what is known and what is efficient. 

Repetition and Memorization are the keys to success in math

The truth is: For too long we have prioritized the wrong skills in our math classrooms.  Speed and memorization have long been the indicators of success.  But doing math quickly does not make you smarter or better at math it just makes you faster.  A student who thinks slowly and deeply may in fact have a much deeper understanding of how math works. 

To be a good math teacher you should have been a good math student. 

The truth is: It may help if you yourself were a good math student.  However, if you were not a good math students you have your own special super power…you know what it means to struggle with learning math.  This can give you an advantage because you understand and empathize with the struggling student.  Helping students figure things our, solve problems and master concepts 

It's Time To Get Focused on What Your Math Program Needs..

Focus on Learning

Keep students focused, motivated and knowing what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Focus on Collaborative Learning

We don't learn math on our own. Good math is collaborative. Students are given plenty of opportunities to talk, share and collaborate their thinking, their processes and conclusions throughout every aspect of this program.

Focus on Building Math Fluency

Not only do students need to think about math but they also need to practice. Students are provided the tools to practice basic skills and build fact fluency each week.

Focus on Inquiry

Math is a process that needs to be explored. Concepts investigated and learning uncovered. Ignited Math uses questioning techniques and student discovery to lead the learning of key tasks each week.

Focus on A Variety of Assessment Tools

We don't learn math on our own. Good math is collaborative. Students are given plenty of opportunities to talk, share and collaborate their thinking, their processes and conclusions throughout every aspect of this program.

What if you could...

– Cover all of your required math curriculum

– Fit it all in throughout the year

– Keep your students engaged

– Strike the right balance between practice and inquiry


Inside Every Week of Ignited Math

Detailed Lesson Plans and Activities

From start to finish everything you need to teach the weekly concepts is included. From suggested anchor charts, assessment activities, games and printable manipulatives.

Engaging Math Centers

Build independent math skills through a variety of weekly tasks that foster Knowledge and Understanding, Communication, Thinking and Application skills. 

Differentiated Guided Math Lessons

Build independent math skills through a variety of weekly tasks that foster Knowledge and Understanding, Communication, Thinking and Application skills. 

Daily Warm Ups

Build independent math skills through a variety of weekly tasks that foster Knowledge and Understanding, Communication, Thinking and Application skills. 

Weekly Inquiry Challenge

Get students thinking deeply about math and challenging their thinking. Have students inquire about how to solve math problems to stretch their thinking.

Weekly Reflective Journal

Get students self assessing and reflecting on what they have learned and practiced each week. These weekly check ins provide teachers with a portfolio of math learning for support assessment and evaluation.

But I don't know what grade I will be teaching?

Buy Now...Pick Your Grade Later

We get it, we're teachers too. Job assignments change. So we have designed a fool proof way for you to BUY IGNITED MATH NOW then if you need to you can PICK YOUR GRADE LATER once your assignment is confirmed.

Here is how it works...when you say YES to Ignited Math you are buying one licence to access Ignited Math. After your purchase you will be given the option to CHOOSE YOUR GRADE LEVEL PACKAGE NOW or your can CHOOSE IT LATER.

"everything was positive and supportive"

Krysta M

I’ve enjoyed my time in the pop up group. Most of my questions were answered and everything was positive and supportive. I’m looking forward to Ignited Math because my position is the English part of French immersion and I felt way too rushed and didn’t plan well and didn’t cover A LOT of the curriculum and spent way too much time on certain topics. I’m looking forward to the hands on structure and lessons as well as time to interact with my students as I felt I didn’t see them in action when working.

"IM is worth every penny."

Heather F.

IM is worth every penny. It covered every single expectation in the 2020 curriculum. My students knew the routine of our warmups and centres which helped with behaviour management and Occasional teacher dayplans. The lessons were interesting, engaging and the students loved their centre time every day. The students also loved showing off their learning in the math projects for each unit and the parents enjoyed the regular feedback of the math projects and assessments. I would 100% recommend using this program

You Might Be Asking

Is Ignited Math Right For Me?

You want ROCKSTAR level teaching without the time it takes to make it all yourself.

You crave a simple system to keep your math block better organized.

You want to balanced approach that provides time to practice and promotes higher order math thinking.

See a Walk through of the Program

"Absolutely Fantastic!"

Sarah S.

I purchased the full programs for my class, and they have been absolutely fantastic so far! I love how easy it is to differentiate for students and teach split classes with two of the programs.

"There is just SO much included!"


(Math) was difficult to teach. I was always pulling from a variety of sources and resources to teach what I need to for my split grades. I decided to try Ignited Math because I needed something that was more interactive, and had a variety of activities that wasn’t just worksheets. Ignited Math has so much to it! There are teacher directed lessons, centres and small group ideas- which is great… There is just SO much included!

Don’t let another year go by before you create the MATH program you want!

Ignited Math is a spiraled appoach to teaching nathematics in the classroom.  It guides you through the gradual release of responsibility model to structure your MATH program in a systematic way. It hits a variety of expectations each week and revisits them throughout the year.  

Because choice for students is a key component to this program their engagement in math is unmatched. 

There isn’t a magic formula here, it is just based on effective instructional practices and experience of knowing how kids tick.  

But the key lies in how this program simplifies how to structures how you teach MATH to your students.   It starts by looking at the themes and big ideas and connects the ideas across learning strands to deliver this all together in a way that makes sense.  

Let's Answer Your Question

Ignited Math is based on the Ontario Math Curriculum 2020. Teaching strategies and best practices used are those outlined within the curriculum and the Ontario guides to effective instruction. While many other provinces may have similar curriculum standards/expectations we have not yet done a correlation between provinces or with US based common core or state standards. Teachers outside of Ontario should review their curriculum to check for correlation. 

For Reference: 

  • All Canadian English Spelling and Number Formatting are used
  • Metric Measurement is used
  • Canadian money is used. 

Ignited Math is a spiralled math program. 

This means each unit contains lessons and activities from multiple strands.  

Each unit is organized into 5 weeks.  Generally one expectation or group of expectations from within the same strand is covered within each week.  This does allow teachers to rearrange the learning to fit their own classroom needs.  There is no obligation to follow the scope and sequence we have outlines however we do recommend that you do. 

Across the whole program we have included 30 weeks of learning.  This is less than a typical school year.  This is intentional and give teachers some flexibility to spend more time on concepts your students need support with. 

What about the Scope and Sequence from your school Board or the Province? 

This is a complicated question.  There are multiple scope and sequence plans provided by the Ministry of Ontario.  The first is organized by topic/Big Idea and the second is organized by strand.  These were consulted with and influenced the scope and sequence of Ignited Math.  However we also used our professional judgement and years of experience to know what skills are best introduced when.  As for individual schol boards scopes and sequences.  These are individualized and specific to each school board.  Since Ignited Math is designed for all teachers in Ontario in grades 3-6 the needs of individual school boards, principals or grade teams has not influenced our plans. 

If you have individual or specific requirements you are encouraged to mix up the weeks and arrange them in a way that meets your individual requirements.  


Ignited Math is organized by grade level.  The content of a single grade unit is meant to cover the curriculum of the grade level indicated. 

  • All learning activities within this grade level are based on skills being taught within the grade assigned.  
  • It is assumed that skills taught in previous grades are known and can be built upon.  For example grade 6 students focus on division of decimals.  It is assumed that they have been taught their basic multiplication facts and division strategies from the grade 4 and 5 curriculum levels. 

In each week, the guided math portion has four different leveled activities to support teachers in reteaching, reviewing, supporting and extending learning for students.  While this support is provided it is important to note that it will NOT be sufficient to cover students working two grade levels behind. 

So how will you support your students working below grade level? 

When building this program we intentionally build each grade level week together.  This allows each grade level of  Ignited Math to work together and support each other.  

We suggest that you use the grade level program that reflects the grade level needs of your students.  

For this reason, we offer discounts for those that want to purchase a second grade level. 

Ignited Math is designed for students working at a grade 3-6 level.  

We do not recommend that teachers use this program outside of this grade range.  

If a teacher chooses to use Ignited Math for students working beyond or below the grade levels it is designed for.  Teachers using this for grades it wasn’t intended for,  do so knowing that their use requires a significant amount of work to adapt the program to fit their needs.  This is a choice these teachers make individually and Madly Learning does not offer refunds for digital products once the product is downloaded or the resource is accessed on the learning platform (regardless of download status) 


Madly Learning does not create resources for French speaking classrooms.  We are unable to maintain the resources to our high quality standard in a language we do not speak.  

We do not recommend those teaching in French use any Madly Learning product.  

All teachers, who decided to do this, do so at their own risk.  You understand that doing so involves a tremendous amount of individual work to adapt this to their classroom.  

For teachers that are teaching two grades in one room we suggest buying your first package at full price and your second package at a discount.  

All four levels were build together so that the learning in one grade level matches the learning from another grade level.  

All Madly Learning products are digital downloads or accessed through a learning management software.  Unlike books, or other hard goods digital products cannot be returned.  

We only issue refunds on the following conditions. 

  1. You have made a duplicate purchase. 
  2. You have not downloaded the product OR logged in to the learning platform the program is hosted on.  Once  you have logged into the learning management program (For Ignited Math or Ignited Literacy) you have accessed the program and your ability to request a refund is void. 

We do not offer refunds when: 

  1. Your job assignment or duties changed.  Madly Learning is not responsible for your personal teaching circumstances or job changes.  This includes: reorganization, end of contract, job change, medical leave, personal financial issues, or your choice not to implement the program. 
  2. You have logged in to the learning platform (Ignited Literacy or Ignited Math) but you have yet to download any of the files.  Your refund request is based on your access to the materials.  Regardless of your action to download the materials or not once you log in and establish you have access to the program NO refund will be granted.  This is non-negotiable.

For those on payments plans you have the ability to cancel future payments.  However, your purchase of this program was based on a promise to pay the full amount to acces the full program.  If you cancel your payment all access to the program, including materials you have already been granted will be revoked due to a default of payment.  Before cancelling you are encouraged to download all materials you have access to.  You will not be refunded previous payments in the event you default on your payment plan.  


All Madly Learning products are for a single teacher/single classroom use.  

This means that each teacher will need their own license.  

Please see the following conditions to better understand how licenses work.  

  • Two full time teachers with their own classrooms  = two licenses
  • Two part time teachers sharing the FTE of a single classroom = one license
  • One full time teacher (1.0 FTE) teaching in multiple classrooms (prep coverage) = one license
  • Grade or Division team all using the resource for multiple classrooms – needs one license per full time classroom position. In this case you should consider a school purchase order. 


Once your payment is complete you will have lifetime access to the core program including all future revisions.

Your access to the core program does not include any additional bonuses or extension packs that we’re not included in your original purchase and may be offered in the future.

In addition your purchase of the core program does not grant you access to monthly coaching or professional development support beyond technical support questions or the getting started materials provided within the course.  

If you require additional support beyond the materials provided we recommend that you participate in the paid professional develop coaching provided by Patti the founder and CEO of Madly Learning.  



We know that there are so many classrooms in Ontario that have multiple grades within the classroom.  

Even though we sell each package as a single grade package that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten about our split grade teacher friends.  

Ignited Math was built together.  This means that each grade level package from grades 3-6 all follows the same learning pathway the entire year long.  This means that those teaching a split grade could seamlessly  us the content of two single grade packages together.  Many of the activities  

The only difference is that you would combine the lessons to teach the contents together.  Allowing you to choose the lesson from grade A or grade B.  


Are You Finally Ready to Have a Math Program That Works?

Buy Ignited Math Now

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Buy a Single Grade Ignited Math License

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Buy a Single Grade Ignited Math License

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  • Full Year of Lesson Plans, Activities, Guided Math, Math Centers, Inquiry Math, Math Journals.
  • Get Access to Tests, Projects and Mobile App

Having Trouble with the Checkout, Have a Question, or Need Support? Email Us at

Purchasing Terms: Each purchase grants the buy one non-transferrable licence to a single grade package of Ignited Math. 

Teachers will choose the grade level package they want to assign to their Ignited Math immediately after purchase.  Alternatively teachers can choose to wait and assign their grade level package at a date in the future.  

Once the license is assigned it may not be transferred or switched to another grade level package. Access to program materials are only granted once grade level is confirmed.  

Have you ever wished that you could have your math program done for you so that you could spend more time with your students?

If so, Ignited Math is exactly what you need.

Ignited Math is a spiralled math program for those of you teaching grades 3-6 and following the Ontario math curriculum. 

In this episode, I’m introducing you to Ignited Math and giving you a brief walkthrough of all the things included in it. I’m sharing what you can expect from every single week of the program. 

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for Ignited Math but want to know more about it first, this is for you. 

If you already know you want to be the first in the door to start using the program, stay tuned to the end of this episode. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

With Ignited Math, you can have all your lessons and activities at your fingertips without doing it all yourself. 

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