213: The 4 Components of My Math Program That Help to Keep Everything Organized

What are the components that you always include in your math program that work for you? In this episode, I’m sharing the 4 components of my math program that I include to help me structure the program from beginning to end. 

There are four main components to my math program that I’m walking you through and I’m explaining each one and how they all fit together as we go along. 

Most of us are dealing with a mix of students who are confident in their math skills and those who feel like they aren’t good at math. With the right systems in place, your math program can work for all of them.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Simplifying things by following a system 
  • The teacher-directed portion of the math program 
  • Using math centers to give students time to practice 
  • Encouraging deeper thinking 
  • Integrating technology time or time with the teacher 
  • Making math fun 
  • What to include in guided math 
  • Spending time with students who need extra support 
  • How to help students who feel like they’re bad at math 

The systems in this episode have made teaching math so much simpler for me, so I hope the 4 components of my math program help you put together your best math program yet!

If you want to level up your math program but you don’t have time to prep, plan, and do it all yourself, then I have something for you. Ignited Math is a full-year math program for grades 3-6 in classrooms that are covering the Ontario curriculum. You can click HERE to sign up for the Ignited Math waitlist. 

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