218: Ideas for Teaching Middle School Writing with Celeste From Teaching Tomorrow

Do you consider yourself a lifelong learner? I feel like a lot of us get into teaching because we love to learn, and our guest on this episode is no exception. Celeste Kirsh is researching how teachers can learn new genres of writing. In this episode, she’s sharing some of her findings so far that could shake up the way we learn as writing teachers and how that relates to teaching middle school writing. 

Celeste understands the common obstacles that teachers face when it comes to teaching writing, and she believes in researching and finding better solutions. This episode is a great place for you to get inspired to learn more about your own teaching methods and new ways that you could approach teaching writing. If assessment is something that holds you back from trying new things in your writing classroom, she’s got you covered there too.  

Celeste Kirsh is a PhD student at The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto where she is studying critical literacies and writing instruction. She is a mother, a wife, a former middle school teacher, a runner, and a lover of words and hugs.

The way you teach writing is important. Tune in to find out how you could take your middle school writing classroom to the next level.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: middle school writing

  • Having students write for authentic reasons 
  • Partnering with expert writers in different fields
  • Common obstacles that writing teachers face 
  • The value of allowing students to make choices  
  • Writing to create change in the world
  • How to assess student-lead work 
  • Why you should read up on competency-based learning 
  • Observing other teachers who are already doing what you want to do
  • How to learn new genres of writing as a writing teacher 

Do you want your students to be able to use their writing to create change? This episode will show you how that work starts in your classroom. 

Writing is powerful. I hope this episode helps you to see how you can pass that power on to your students. 

If you love this episode, which I know you will, I’d encourage you to learn more about Celeste and her philosophy of teaching writing. You are absolutely going to want to be following her as she continues through her PhD and shares more of her ideas about teaching writing. 

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