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Writing Report Cards shouldn’t take you hours! But it does.  The average teacher spends over 25hours creating report cards. This is why we created our Report Card Comment Generator and pre-written comment banks.  Using these two tools together will allow you to create customized report card comments and learning skills in half the time.

How It Works

  1. Open the File You (Time: 0 Min) – start with the report card comment bank full of pre-written and fully editable comments across 4 levels of achievement.  These are provided in a fully editable Microsoft Word document (don’t have word? – no problem upload you file to google docs and it is fully compatible).
  2. Edit the comments to suit your needs (Time: 10min – 1 hour)  If your principal is specific to how you write your report? No problem, re-word the comment frame to suit your requirements.  It is here that you can also add specific examples from your own classroom to reference in your comments.  If you completed special project in math or an experiment in science, simply add a reference to that inside your comment bank.
  3. Import your comment bank (Time: 20 min) – You can add your personalized comments into our Simply Graded Report Card Generator tool.  This is as simply as copying the comments you want and pasting them into the cells of the simply graded report card comment library tab.
  4. Set Up Your Classroom (Time: 10 min) – Inside our Simply Grade tool, it’s time to set it up for you classroom.  Simply type out your student names and identify their pronouns
  5. Enter Your Grades (Time: 1 Hour) – For each subject or learning skill you need to make a comment for use our Simply grade tool to identify what grade each student received for the subjects you are commenting on and our tool will pull each specific comment from the comment library and combine it all together and pop out a comment for you.
  6. Copy to Your Report Card Tool (Time: 30 min) Simply copy the generated comment into your report card writing program provided by your school board and you are done.

That is it!

In approximately three hours you report cards (and learning skills) are done!

Saving you 20 hours of writing time! 

What is included

  • Grade Specific Comment Bank (Selected at Purchase) – this is a fully editable microsoft word document which is also compatible with google docs. There are comments for language arts, math, science, social studies, HPE, and the arts.
  • Simply Graded Comment Generator – This is in a google sheets file format with prebuilt formulas that make it all work.


  1. Is this written is French or Spanish? – No Madly Learning only creates products in English.  While the report card comment banks are fully editable, we do not recommend purchasing and manually translating these comment banks.  However, our Simply Graded program will work if you build it based on french comments in the comment library.
  2. My principal/board is very specific on the format of our comments – These are generalized comments that are meant to be used by a variety of teachers.  They are not specific to the needs of individual schools or districts.  It is important that you edit and revise the comments to meet you unique needs.  While this is an important step, which does take time, we are confident that using our comment frameworks will still allow you save significant times over writing them from scratch.
  3. Is this for a specific curriculum? – the comments are written to align with Madly Learning’s products for language arts (Ignited Literacy), math (Ignited Math) and our science and social studies programs. These comments also align with Ontario curriculum and other curriculums across Canada.  They will also work even if you are not currently using our products in your classroom.


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Simply Graded Report Card Comment Generator


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Report Card Comment Writing Bundle