ONTARIO: Grade 5 Report Card Comment Bank



Save time and grab these fully editable report card comments for the Ontario Report Card for grade 5.

Comments for

  • All strands of Math (2020 Curriculum)
  • All four strands of language with multiple options for each strand
  • All four strands of science
  • Both strands of social studies
  • All four strands of Arts
  • Physical Education and Health Comments

These comments align with the other Ontario Based products in my TPT store.

**This is a digital product that uses Google Sheets***

⭐ ⭐ More information on these comments: ⭐ ⭐
→ These comments align with the other Ontario Based products in my TPT store.
→ These comments reflect current overall curriculum expectations
→ These are general comments each teacher will need to add examples to fit their individual and specific needs.
→ These comments follow the expectations and format as presented in the Ontario “Growing Success” document.
→ These are general comments and may not reflect the exact requirements of your principal, board or personal preferences.

These report card comments are fully editable but they are not a custom product. You will need to personalize these to suit your individual student needs, school or board expectation. These comments are intended to provide you with a starting point only.

Example Level 3 Comments

  • In Number Sense and Numeration ~name can read, represent, compose and decompose larger numbers using place value. He is able to use a variety of strategies such as writing numbers in expanded form and using place value models to compare and order larger numbers.
  • ~Name is able to confidently describe several ways money can be transferred among individuals and businesses. He is able to estimate and calculate the cost of these transactions including multiple items, and sales tax. In our unit on personal budgets, he was able to manage finances for various earnings and spending scenarios and explain the concepts of credit and debit, unit rates, and various types of taxes.
  • ~Name demonstrated a solid understanding in our units on analyzing stories. He can correctly explain the organizational structure of most stories ~name can analyze elements in stories such as characters, setting, plot, conflict and theme with considerable effectiveness.
  • In our unit on Forces Acting on Structures, ~name demonstrated a strong understanding of how tension, compression and load impact structures. He applied this knowledge to research, plan and design before building a *** out of craft sticks that withstand both internal and external forces. ~name was able to accurately communicate his understanding of how his structure reacted to these applied forces. He contributed thoughtfully to our class discussions on how structures and mechanisms are impacted by weather and the environment.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do these comments meet curriculum current in 2021?

  • Yes! These comments have been updated to meet the current curriculum as of 2021. This includes comments for each strand of the new Ontario math curriculum. Although the math section on the report card is no longer broken into strands, teachers can take the comments they need related to each strand and combine these to suit their needs.

2. Do these comments meet the criteria set by my school board?

  • There is no way to answer this for you. Each school board, principal, the school leader has a different interpretation of what is and is not appropriate for your report cards. These report card comments follow the expectation – example – next step format and include qualifiers. However, these comments are fully editable and can be altered to suit your own personal needs. Please note that report cards are up to your own professional discretion and suggestions by admin or others are just that, suggestions. You, the teacher, have the final say on what is published on your report cards.

3. Do these comments include French?

  • No, like all Madly Learning products, these resources do not support French comments or French Language report cards.

4. Can I use them in another format other than Google Sheets?

  • YES! instructions are provided to use these in Microsoft Excel, Word and PDF formats.


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ONTARIO: Grade 5 Report Card Comment Bank