ONTARIO SOCIAL STUDIES: GR. 4 Physical Regions of Canada Unit



Complete grade 4 project based inquiry unit for Physical Regions

This inquiry unit covers everything that you will need to meet the expectations for the People and Environments strand of the updated Ontario curriculum.

This inquiry unit focuses on the big idea concepts of the curriculum. It allows students to dig deeper into inquiry. Students will learn about how Canada is divided in different ways and how the different environments in different regions affect Canadians. This unit has a variety of instructional strategies that will allow you to teach your students with:

Lessons Focus on Big Idea Concepts of:

♦Mapping Canada

♦Differentiating between 13 political and 6 physical regions

♦Understanding Physical Characteristics of 6 influential physical regions

♦Understanding Economic Sectors

♦Explore the relationship between economic sectors, settlement and physical environment


The lessons and corresponding materials will show you how to get your students to explore the physical environments of Canada through a variety of lessons with

★Detailed lesson plans

★ Task Cards

★ Notes for the Teacher

★ Student reflection

★ Original Non Fiction Texts to support student learning written at student reading level.

★ Final Inquiry Project

★ Student Research links

The culminating activity allows students to

→ identify the key physical features of a region

→ identify major industries in the region

→ compare the positive and negative consequences of these industries on the physical environment

→ take different stakeholder perspectives into account

→ identify and describe actions taken towards sustainability


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What teachers are saying about my resources

“This is a great unit to help students learn what they can about Canada, while providing options for inquiry and self learning.”

“Love this! Very easy to use and the kids are enjoying it! Thanks”

“I am very excited and relieved to have found this. With the new curriculum resources are very scarce.



Meets the 2023 Curriculum Requirements!!


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ONTARIO SOCIAL STUDIES: GR. 4 Physical Regions of Canada Unit