Gr 4 At Home Learning – Week D



These learning resources are designed to be simple work packages for students to use while learning at home. This makes them a great fit for the needs of teachers right now during the COVID-19 school shutdown and as Emergency Lesson Plans. While teachers are busy teaching remotely and students are #distancelearning, sometimes we just need a simple work package that reviews content and covers curriculum.

These PDF work packages were designed to be used with students having minimal instruction or teaching needed. They are provided in a PDF download. You can provide these to students and families without the need of a complex learning management tools, multiple apps, or lack of access to digital tools for students to learn and logins.

Each week can stand alone, or taught as part of the six week bundle in or out-of order, and is self-contained.

Each Week Includes Learning Materials On These Topics::

  • Reading activities that focus on comprehension and understanding of texts
  • Weekly writing tasks that cover various forms of writing appropriate for the grade.
  • Grammar and spelling activities
  • Math focused on key number sense skills
  • Other curriculum topics including: Science, Social Studies, and Visual Arts


  • Detailed answer keys
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Learning goals and success criteria
  • Links and QR codes to video lessons online
  • Anchor charts and posters for key concepts
  • Student choice boards
  • Assessment tasks for teacher
  • Parent and student friendly language – (no teaching degree required)
  • Organized weekly schedule
  • Easy navigation within the document.

Who is this product for?

  • Teachers who want to simplify their work tasks for digital learning by simply handing out a work review package that covers the curriculum without the hassle.
  • Teachers required to provide printed work booklets to students without access to digital learning resources.
  • Parents or homeschoolers that need to supplement work being given to their child.
  • Teachers who want go to emergency lesson plans that can be handed to the principal and put in your supply binder for the whole year.
  • Teachers who want simple lessons for their students to integrate within their own digital learning plans. You can pick and choose which pages from this resource to add into your own plans by using a print select pages of PDF feature.

***Please be aware this resource uses Canadian/UK spelling and numerical conventions. ***


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Gr 4 At Home Learning – Week D