ONTARIO SOCIAL STUDIES: GR. 4 Early Societies Complete Inquiry Unit



Help your students learn more about early societies and ancient civilizations from around the world between 500BCE to 1500 CE. This is a project-based inquiry unit. Help your student to learn more through their own inquiry by building a better understanding of early societies targeted lessons that build background knowledge in:

* mapping societies on a world map

* creating a timeline with detailed information on each society

* understanding how the environment shaped each society

* identifying features of a civilization

* Compare the daily life of two or more early societies.

********* UPDATED TO MEET THE 2018 ONTARIO CURRICULUM **************

Model how to conduct a student project based inquiry with a modeled inquiry.

When students are ready they can use the curated web links to conduct their own research on the society that interests them the most. Using the included scaffolded inquiry research booklet will help to guide students independently through their research.

This product meets the expectations of the New Grade 4 Ontario Revised Curriculum:

What others are saying…

“We LOVED this unit in Grade 4 this year. We used the Haudenosaunee society as our model society before students did their own inquiries into societies of their choice.” – Meaghan S

“An excellent resource for the grade 4s! It is a great ‘jumping off’ resource for inquiry for the many societies. The large map is a great reference for the students while they put together their own.” – Debra B.

“A great resource full of great activities and lessons aligned to the new Ontario Social Studies curriculum. Very helpful indeed – thank you so much!!” – Beth L.


Meets the 2023 Curriculum Requirements!!


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ONTARIO SOCIAL STUDIES: GR. 4 Early Societies Complete Inquiry Unit