Grade 3/4 Ignited Literacy APRIL


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Ever wondered how to get your students to love reading and writing? Love Genius Hour, or need a differentiated approach that gives students more voice and choice in what they read and write? Keep students engaged in writing all year long while meeting curriculum standards.

Ignited Literacy is your answer

→ Use research based strategies for teaching writing including

→ Gradual release of responsibility

→ Student led inquiry

→ Teaching spelling and grammar in context

→ Using mentor texts

→ Teacher conferences which support the cycle of assessment

This is month 6 in this series

To get started please begin with month 1 (September)

This resource will:

  • ✐ Give you a detailed schedule of what to do in your literacy block, including reading and writing.
  • ✐ Provide you with a read aloud guide that includes discussion and questioning prompts and teacher think aloud suggestions.
  • ✐ Includes original shared reading texts each week.
  • ✐ Teach spelling, grammar, and conventions in context with an ‘essential skills’ checklist.
  • ✐ Teach students how to use mentor texts as models to support good writing.
  • ✐ Writing mini-lesson guide that highlights effective instructional strategies.
  • ✐Engage your students in reading and writing.

Each weeks lessons will include:

1) Detailed lesson plans for the teacher

2) Lesson support pages for reading and writing mini lessons for student use

3) ‘Read Aloud Guide’ with suggested think alouds

4) Shared reading text – paired with read aloud

5) Guided reading text – paired with read aloud

6) Guided reading lesson plan and tracking page

7) Student center pages

  • ‘Word Work Choice Board’
  • ‘Reading response questions and choice board’
  • ‘Writing Idea Menu’
  • ‘Student Feedback/Conference Reporting Page’

8) Assessment Tracking Pages

April Activities

The focus this month is on legends, and fairy tales. Students will read a variety of these texts from various cultures from around the world. Students compare and contrast well known fairy tales with fractured fairy tales. They will also compare pairs of similar fairy tales from different cultures. Students will transfer and make connections from their reading to look at elements they can include in their own writing of fairy tales, and legends.

Students will explore how to craft better reading responses by working through modeled, shared and independent reading responses. Reading responses will follow the OREO opinion writing model to respond to texts. They will develop success criteria and moderate response samples to build reading response anchors.

Additionally students will explore elements of figurative language such as simile and personification. Through various activities connected to the reading and writing activities of the month these figurative language elements will be connected to mentor texts and developed as student integrate this skill into their own independent writing.

In this month there are a variety of activities to engage students in learning. Included this month are:

Books this month:

Week #1 – Honest Abe by Katherena Vermette

Week #2 – Tell The Truth B.B. Wolf by Judy Sierra

Week #3 – Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears by Verna Aardema

Week #4 – The Boy Who Cried Wolf by B. G. Hennessy

Weekly Differentiated Readings

In each package, there are 4 different texts that can be used for shared, guided or independent reading. Each text is provided at three different reading levels from grade 3-6. With this resource, you can assign the same story for many different students who are all reading at different levels.

Original Differentiated Reading Texts Included in April:

  1. Going to Honestus
  2. Goldilocks and the Three Messy Bears
  3. The Superpowers of Algonquin Park
  4. The Return of the Wolves

✍ With ‘Ignited Literacy’ your students will finally cheer when it is language arts instead of groan. And you as the teacher will have a solid plan to teach language, and fit it all in. ✍


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Grade 3/4 Ignited Literacy APRIL