ONTARIO: Gr. 4/5 Science and Social Studies Inquiry Unit ** FULL YEAR BUNDLE **

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4/5 Habitats and Human Body - Ontario Science Unit

Discover this great Ontario science unit on the human body and global habitats for Grade 4 and 5 split grade classrooms. This unit covers body systems like digestive, respiratory, and circulatory, and habitats such as Arctic Tundra and Tropical Rainforests.

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Get a complete whole years worth of units for science and social studies for your 4/5 split grade classroom . This unit aligns to the new This bundle contains full and complete units ready for you from start to finish. Using inquiry based student centered methodologies this unit will save you planning time, help you effectively implement an inquiry approach in your classroom and help you manage teaching two grades at once all year long.

These are complete units and will cover 4-8 weeks each depending on your schedule. Each unit contains approx. 10 lessons including a student centred inquiry project.



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The Units In This Bundle Include

Habitats & Human Body

Teach your fours about the various habitats and how humans impact these major habitats around the world. For your 5’s they will learn about the respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems of the human body. They will identify the purpose of the organ system, the main organs that work within the system, how these organs work together with other systems, and how this system is impacted by disease. Both grades will use a scaffolded inquiry booklet to help guide them through a student centered inquiry

Light and Sound & Matter and Materaisl

In this unit your 4s will explore natural and artificial light, what is sound and how it is created, light and sound pollution, and light and sound safety. For the 5s they will begin to understand what is matter, how matter is transformed from one product to another and what impact this has on our environment. Both groups of students will explore a student inquiry project that has them looking deeper into the big ideas of these units.

Rocks and Minerals & Energy Conservation

In this unit your grade 4s will focus on the geology of our earth as they explore the difference between rocks and minerals, three types of rocks and the rock cycle, and how our use and extraction of rocks and minerals impact the environment. For the 5s they will explore what is energy, how is it transformed, the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy. Both grades will dig deeper into inquiry by exploring the multiple stakeholder perspectives when it comes to how we use energy and natural resources in our communities through balancing societies needs and environmental protection.

Pulleys and Gears & Forces Acting on Structures

In this hands on, minds on unit both grades will be engineers exploring and building things. The 4s will look at how pulleys and gears are used in our daily lives to make work easier. They will learn the science behind both of these simple machines and have opportunities to experiment with these through hands on experiences. The 5s will look at the forces that engineers need to consider before building a structure. Force, load, tension, and compression are all explored through hands on – minds on activities

Political and Physcal Regions of Canada & Government of Canada

In this social studies unit your grade 4s will look at both the political and physical regions of Canada. With a focus on exploring the 6 most influential regions in the country students will learn about the natural resources, important economic sectors, and predominant and identifying physical features. In grade 5, the students will explore how the government of Canada works together with its citizens to make decisions. Going beyond a dry recounting of election policy, and job titles within the government this unit explores how decisions are made. How the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is applied through actual case studies and debate. By exploring topical issues affecting Canadians today you can get your students to understand how government works with and for its citizens. Both of these units contain a student inquiry project that is flexible to allow you to take a deeper look at topics that are focused on local issues and reflect students passions. Expect debate and a growing group of engaged citizens

Early Societies & First Nations and Early European Explorers

Understanding our history will help us to better understand our present. In both of these units look at the features of civilizations and how they change over time. Look at how different groups of clashing cultures can have both positive and negative impacts on one another that still have effects in today’s society. The grade 4s will look deeper into different civilizations between 500 BCE to 1500 CE. Identifying what makes a civilization and exploring, researching, and comparing these cultures is the main focus of this unit. For the grade 5’s they will look at the cultures of First Nations groups in the eastern part of Canada (Ontario – Newfoundland). They will explore the features of each group and differentiate between settlement patterns, family structure, and language. They will then explore how these parts of the First Nation culture was changed and altered through contact with early European explorers. Exploring bias, cultural sensitivity, and how language is used are important lessons that can be brought into student discussions.


This product includes lessons and activities that included research based, high yield strategies for effective teaching including:

→ Interactive Notebook Actives

→ Inquiry Based Learning

→ Student Centered Learning

→ Hands on Experiments

→ Minds on Reflections

→ Wonder Wall provocation

→ Learning Goals and Success Criteria

→ Gradual Release of Responsibility

→ Critical Thinking Activities

→ Developing Collaboration and Creative Skills

→ Using technology and 21st Century skills and tools

→ Knowledge Building Circles


More About This Product

If you are new to a split grade or new to inquiry this product will fit your needs. The detailed lesson plans, teacher’s notes, and guides will help you to understand the content, help your students learn, and save you the planning time it takes to make these yourself. This will also work for teachers that are not new but may be looking for a re-fresh or some new ideas. If you are often stuck scrambling for ideas and lessons at the last minute save yourself the time and hassle by having these lessons ready and waiting. You can confidently ensure that every lesson covers the curriculum in a way that would keep your students engaged, and you more confident when teaching two grades at once. No need to keep buying lesson after lesson and putting things together piece meal, everything you need is here.

All of these units cover ALL of the Ontario curriculum expectations in science and social studies for Grades 4 and Grades 5


What Other Teachers Are Saying

OMG thank you so much. I have been transferred in a 4/5 English, coming from Grades k to 2. No need now to spend hours going through two curriculums to figure out what to do. And bonus: Inquiry questions.

This is so AMAZING! I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this and how much it is saving my life!! We are doing the habitats and human bodies units in class right now and my students are loving it!

I love that this is a stand alone unit! Very well organized and beautifully laid out. I would love to see more assessment included other than the checklist and culminating activity.

A huge weight off my shoulders. Detailed and very easy to follow. 🙂


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this for remote teaching? – Many teachers have successfully converted the lessons in this resource and adapted them for remote online teaching. However, these lessons are designed for in-class learning and any application for remote learning will require adaptation by the classroom teacher. To purchase the digital workbook companion to this resource click here.

Is this available in French? No, Madly Learning products are not available in French and we do not intend to offer French products in the future.

Are Assessments included? Yes. Using the triangulation of data there is a balance of suggestions for observational and conversational assessment tracking as well as summative assessment rubrics, and assessment suggestions in each lesson. Tests are not included in this inquiry unit.



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ONTARIO: Gr. 4/5 Science and Social Studies Inquiry Unit ** FULL YEAR BUNDLE **

Original price was: $185.00.Current price is: $166.50.