220: So You Need to Do Guided Instruction… What the Heck Should You Do With the Rest of Your Class?

What do you do with the rest of your class when you want to do guided reading with a small group?

That’s the question I hope I can answer for you in this episode. We’re digging into a bunch of different activities that you can use to allow you to focus on guided instruction while the rest of your students work independently. 

Independent learning might not always look the way you want it to. It’s important to remember that different students work in different ways, and it’s okay if they aren’t silent and still the whole time that you’re working with a small group. What’s more important is that your students stay engaged in what they’re doing until you get back. 

We’re talking about how to teach your students to work independently, what independent learning tasks should look like, and how to hold students accountable for the work they are assigned.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Why you should use guided instruction in junior classrooms 
  • When to use guided instruction
  • How to teach independent learning 
  • The importance of teaching independence early 
  • Recognizing that independent learning will look different for different students 
  • Activities that work well for students working independently
  • The importance of giving students choice
  • How to handle students who are distracted when you’re not there 
  • Teaching your students how to use their time effectively

You may want independent learning to look like perfectly quiet students sitting at their desks focusing on their work, but is that realistic? Look for activities that are fun, engaging, and student-driven. Those are the types of activities that will keep your students busy while you’re working with a small group. 

What are you going to try next time you need to do guided instruction?

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