178: Inquiry in Math

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Do you use inquiry in your math classroom? Perhaps you should be!

In this episode, I am talking about how you can use inquiry pedagogies in your math classroom to build a better math class.

To begin, I want you to reflect on your last math class, and ask yourself these questions:

Was your math program student-centered? Did your math program harness your students’ choice and voice? Did you support your students in learning differently based on their strengths and needs as learners? Were your tasks open-ended and allowed for the widest variety of students in your class to access the learning?

This episode helps you answer all of these questions with confidence and equips you with the tips and strategies you need to make sure your math class is effective for your students.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • What it means to have a student-centered classroom
  • Why the tasks we choose are so important
  • My favorite way to help students with math
  • How to embrace inquiry pedagogy using choice and voice
  • Why I don’t start my lessons with a lesson
  • Reminding students that there are many ways to be successful at math

Remember, we can teach students that there’s more than one way to do things, and we can honor their strengths and needs as learners to understand how they can solve different problems.

I hope that this episode gives you some ideas on how you can use inquiry-based pedagogy in your math class to make learning more accessible and fun for you and your students!

I encourage you to check out my Differentiated Math Pages for open-ended math tasks that meet the needs of all the students in your math classroom.

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