179: Word Walls in the Junior Classroom

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Can I tell you a secret? In my junior classroom, I don’t want a word wall.

I don’t want to take up all the space that a word wall requires when there are so many things I could be putting up there.

However, there are definitely still uses for subject-specific word walls, so we are going to talk about what those might look like and how you can make word walls more appropriate for a junior classroom.

In this episode, I’ll give you some ideas for different types of word walls, and how you can make them more accessible to your students.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • When word walls are helpfulWord Walls in the Junior Classroom
  • Why students in the junior classroom need personal dictionaries
  • Alternatives to big word walls
  • What you can use the wall space for instead
  • How to make your word walls interactive
  • Why word walls are going to look different in junior classrooms than they do in primary classrooms

I hope I’ve given you some ideas of how you can use word walls in your junior classroom.

In my TpT store, I have a Fiction Writing Terms Extended Word Wall that you will be interested in if you want a done-for-you option!


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Fiction Writing Terms Extended Word Wall


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