226: Are You Making It Too Simple? How to Avoid Modifying Your Lessons Due to Pandemic Gaps in Learning

If you simplify the work you give your students because it’s too hard, are you accommodating, or are you modifying?

Your students have been through a lot when it comes to learning during the pandemic, and of course, you want to support your students who have gaps in their learning, but it’s important that you’re not modifying the program that they need to be on now. 

This episode is about how to make sure you’re not modifying and oversimplifying tasks to meet your students where they are but instead are accommodating to help them reach where they need to be. 

There’s a fine line between accommodating and modifying and I want to help you identify that and stick to it. I believe in you and your students, and I know that you’re going to get exactly where you need to be by the end of the year.

Ep 226: Are You Making It Too Simple? How to Avoid Modifying Your Lessons Due to Pandemic Gaps in Learning

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • What modifications are 
  • The difference between modifying and accommodating
  • How to avoid accidentally modifying work 
  • Setting high expectations
  • How to help students who are working below grade level 
  • The value of practice 
  • Remembering that skill development takes time 
  • Why you should be giving lots of feedback 
  • How to grade your students appropriately

You don’t want to simplify so much that you give students work below their grade level. That doesn’t give them a fair chance to get where they need to be! Instead, it’s your job to support your students until they can do the work at the appropriate grade level. 

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