The Best Teacher Planner I Have Used

In all the time I have been teaching the outline, style or design of my teacher planner has been something I have changed and adapted over time.

When I first started teaching I just used what everyone else used.  The one page outline of my day with enough room to write detailed lesson plans on what I was going to use.  I think I even made it in Microsoft word.  There may or may not have been some comic sans mixed into that.  (I know the horror)

My problem with this was that I spent so much time every single night planning.

As I continued to work I came across Planboard.  I was an early adopter of this digital planner.  For me, it was the way to go for so long.  I loved the ability to move lessons around,  plan by subject and see all of the details in multiple views.  I still really love this tool for digital planning but as I went back to work after having kids, planning digitally just wasn’t working any longer.

What I began to notice is that I would plan it then not look at it.  While I was still planning it out, I would begin to teach without it day to day.  Then I just stopped really planning at all…eventually that caught up to me and well…

It wasn’t good.

So back to a paper planner I went.

I wanted to try all the cute planners I kept seeing people using on Instagram.  You know the ones…with all the flair pens, and stickers.

I ordered a Erin Condren planner.  I had the best intention to make my planner look so cute.  I kept that up for exactly two weeks before life hit and I realized that the time to make my planner look super cute was wasting my already limited time.

Still convinced that I really could make the cute planner work if I just tried harder I went and tried a Happy Planner.  and…another two weeks the dream of an Instagram worthy planner with all the cute stickers and flair pen flourishes just didn’t last.

But…what I loved about the happy planner was the functionality of a spiral book (I could flip in around like a notebook… the functionality of binder just didn’t compare)

Then I realized that if I purchased a happy planner hole punch I could recreate the functionality with planner pages that I created myself.

I decided that I needed a planning page that allowed me to plan a week at a time.  I needed to plan out my language program all together.  This would allow me to see my week as a larger picture.

So this is when I created my weekly planning page.


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