Technology in the Classroom

Using technology in the classroom has amazing benefits.  I love using technology with my students. Using technology makes students more engaged in class and offers amazing differentiation opportunities.  I am lucky in the fact that I have a bit of technology in my room. I have a smartboard, laptops for student use, 1 Ipod that I use for a listening center, document camera, and a teacher IPad (I purchased this).  However with an open mind, patience, and willing to work through growing pains anyone can integrate some of these tools into their program even if you don’t have a wide access to technology.

I put together a presentation with for my colleagues about the technology that I use or is on my list to use in the near future.  My purpose was to introduce some web tools, apps, and other programs that would be good to explore if you are just starting to use technology or if you are looking for new ways to use technology in the classroom.


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