Classroom Supply Labels

I love Labels!! Anyone who knows me or has seen my classroom knows that I love labels and love that my labels coordinate with everything in the classroom. For me having a coordinated classroom right down to the labels helps me to keep organized and offers a feel in the classroom that I care and enjoy being there. Many of my colleagues may think I am crazy but I love it. I spend much time in the summer making sure that all of my classroom materials coordinate.  From the colours on my painted bulletin boards to the labels on my classroom library bins to my agenda labels, everything matches.  Today I spent some time making labels for my supply baskets.  I didn’t have these last year and it was much more difficult for my classroom helpers to keep these boxes organized.  I use clear shoe boxes to organize my supplies in a cupboard in order to keep my supply center well-stocked and organized.

I use cool colours in my classroom but I also made rainbow colours as I know many teachers like to use this colour pallet as well.  If you would like these labels for yourself follow this like to my TPT store.


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