GR. 5 SOCIAL STUDIES: Indigenous People & Early European #DIGITAL Workbook



This is a digital workbook created to support teaching the Indigenous people and Early Europeans of Canada unit for Grade 5

This is a digital adaptation to my

Indigenous People and Early Europeans of Canada

Included in this Digital Resource

  • Learning about 10 Indigenous communities in eastern Canada prior to contact
    • identify the location on a map (with interactive pieces to label map)
    • compare and contrast communities based on key features of daily life
    • guided research with an original text to learn about one community.
    • Learn about the secondary community by conducting independent research with links included.
  • Learning about Early European Explorers
    • Identify 6 early explorers and their impact and role in the development of early settlement in Canada.
    • Identify elements of their life in Canada – fur trade, the seigneurial system, French settlers.
    • Identify the relationship and interactions between Indigenous communities and early Europeans.
  • Conflict and Change
    • identify 6 impacts of contact between Europeans and Indigenous communities

All of these files allow students to add their answers in a google slide.

Each slide has instructions on what is expected for students to do to complete the page. There are no formal lesson plans included with this resource.

These digital files have the option of being used on Google slides or printed by students at home depending on preferences.


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GR. 5 SOCIAL STUDIES: Indigenous People & Early European #DIGITAL Workbook