233: Math Centers: 4 Ways to Do Centers

Do you like a lot of structure in your classroom, or do you prefer to hand the responsibilities over to your students? The great thing about math centers is that you get to choose what learning looks like in your classroom.

That’s right, in this episode, we’re continuing the discussion about math centers.

I’m explaining why I love centers so much for math and teaching you two important aspects of planning centers: how to rotate your students through different activities and how to group your students.

It all comes down to choosing structured vs. open rotations and fixed groupings vs. flexible groupings. I’m giving you 4 different ways to run your centers using these options and explaining when and why you might use each one.

Math Centers: 4 Ways to Do Centers

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Giving students opportunities to practice math skills 
  • Creating a safe environment for students to learn
  • The value of collaboration 
  • Different types of problems to put in centers 
  • Letting your students take the lead 
  • How to prepare for math centers 
  • Why there’s more than one way to run centers 
  • Sticking to what works for you


The great thing about the 4 ways to run math centers from this episode is that you can choose the one that works best for you and your kids! We all have different classroom dynamics and teaching styles, and centers are a great way to account for those differences.

If you love what you’re hearing in this episode and you want more help simplifying math instruction in your classroom, check out Ignited Math at www.ignitedmath.ca. Ignited Math provides you with everything you need to create an amazing math program that covers all of your required curriculum and keeps your students excited and engaged.

Try These Essential Math Centers Tools:


  1. Reduce your paper consumption by using dry-erase pockets. 
  2. Keep yourself on time and on schedule with this digital timer
  3. Organize your center pages with a hanging file folder for your bulletin board. 

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