230: How to Get It All Covered in the Time You Have Left

How are you going to get everything covered in the time that you have left in the school year?

If that’s the question you’re asking yourself right now, you’re going to want to catch this episode because I’m sharing the strategies I use to make sure I’m covering everything leftover in the subjects that I’ve fallen short on throughout the year. 

 I want to help you do each subject justice while still getting through the content in a reasonable way, so you’ll find out what to ditch and what to combine to make sure all the important things are covered by the end of the year. 

I also shared how to plan your entire year in advance so that you never again find yourself stressed out about cramming everything in at the end of the year.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Focusing on overall expectations rather than a specific checklist
  • How to combine subjects efficiently 
  • Chunking down mini projects 
  • Less time-consuming ways for your students to present their projects 
  • How to use technology to save time 
  • Eliminating unnecessary tasks and busywork 
  • Setting yourself up for success next year 
  • Spiraling your instruction throughout the year to avoid end-of-year stress 
  • The power of investing in the right resources 
  • Keeping the big picture in mind throughout the year 
  • Why worksheets aren’t great teaching tools


If you’re feeling stressed at the end of the school year because you don’t know how you’re going to fit everything in, don’t panic! I’m here for you and this episode has everything you need to get things wrapped up. If you want to know how to plan ahead so you don’t find yourself in this spot again next year, I’ve got you covered there too.

If you’re looking for long-range plans to help you plan out your year from start to finish, know exactly what you need to cover and when, and know how long each concept will take to teach, you can download my free long-range plans for grades 3-6 at www.madlylearning.com/lrp.


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