236: Make a Bulletin Board with Me

Do you spend hours trying to make everything fit on your bulletin boards and look good simultaneously?

I’m taking you through my process of putting together a bulletin board and teaching you how to plan it out in advance so that you know everything will fit in your space.

Creating a mockup to scale is the simplest way to plan your board, and you can use software to make it even easier. It will save you a ton of time because you know exactly what your board will look like before you start putting it up.

I cover everything you need to know about planning colour, text, shapes, and space. With a little help from this episode, you’ll be able to put your boards together faster than ever.



Make a bulletin board with me

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • What I use to plan out my bulletin boards
  • Creating a template 
  • Getting your measurements right 
  • How to create your mockup to scale 
  • Creating a color scheme 
  • How to plan out the layout of your text before you know what you want it to say 
  • Saving yourself time in the long run


I hope this helps you understand how to put your boards together systematically to ensure everything fits in an organized way. You might think it sounds like a lot of work for a bulletin board, but I promise that spending some extra time on this upfront will save you hours when it comes actually to assembling your boards on the walls of your classroom. 


Want to build your own reading bulletin board? 

Check out the resources I used.  


These trifold boards from Amazon help to make the coloured pages you print on.  Don’t forget to measure your bulletin board to ensure it will fit in the vertical and horizontal space.  




These are my favourite coloured pages for bulletin boards.  I simply create all of my pages with black lines, and all of the white spaces, when printed, will be the colour of the paper.  No special tools or tricks are needed.  Simply cut out the shapes and staple them to your board. 



Cutting out pages and pages of paper for your bulletin board can be tedious, so save time with this quick-cutting tool.  You don’t need to run to the supply room to find the paper cutter. With this, you have a paper cutter that fits into your desk drawer. 



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