Have Fun With Word Walls

Do you use a word wall in your classroom?  Does it just sit there with your hoping that your students will use but they don’t?

Let’s turn those boards around.

Here are some easy and simple activities that will help you bring your word walls to life.

Word Wall Match Detach the picture from the word wall definition and have students match the words with the definition.
4 Corners Introduce the word and have students decide how well they know the word by moving and standing in a corner under the correct heading.
Word Swat Create a grid on your whiteboard of the 9 of the images. Read a definition and have students swat the correct image.
Picture Bingo Put students in groups of 4-5 and give them the image cards from the word wall. Have them arrange their images in a 4×4 grid and glue them on a large construction paper. Read the words out the definitions until a group gets bingo.
Clue Hunt Place the picture cards and the definition cards around the room. Have students look for the missing pieces and find the definition and the picture card.


T-Chart Group and Label Have students sort the cards into the different groups. Students should group cards categories
Wonder Wall Students will look at the cards and determine what they see, what they know and what they understand about the images. Can be combined with real life objects.
Sequence: Cause and Effect Have students link words or concepts into a sequence of events. What happens first, second, third, etc.
Venn Diagram: Compare and Contrast Use a Venn diagram to compare two or more words from the word wall.
Mind Map Web Students connect ideas with string ideas to describe complex relationships between ideas.
Dual Language Students will add the key words in multiple languages
Link Hunt Students will find a short video or link that explains the word or concept.

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