EP 156: Transforming Your Science Classroom in 5 Categories

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Let’s Talk Science!

Transforming your science classroom from worksheet woes to spectacular, engaging lessons.

Elementary teachers are generalists. Because of this, everyone brings their own unique background and experiences to their classroom! Whether it’s the influence of a great teacher you had in your own past, or that volunteer experience from teachers college, we all have our different comfort levels and experiences with the different subjects. Some of us have even watched the shift from paper-based worksheets and textbook drills to student-led inquiry-based projects! However, teaching a subject you have little to no background in can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable.

That’s why, in this week’s podcast, Patti talks about the 5 components of a spectacular science program.  From keeping it hands-on and experimental to checking for comprehension, she walks you through how to change up your science program! So, if you want to stop handing out the same reading comprehension worksheets, and instead start an inquiry-based science program, this podcast is a great place to start!


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