Summarizing Non Fiction Texts Unit



This unit will help your students to summarize non fiction articles using the GIST strategy. This is a six week series of lessons helps students to

focus on writing a non fiction summary.

Help student to understand how to pull the main idea and key facts while researching.

A great cross curricular support to help your students begin researching for independent inquiry. These lessons can be expanded and applied to any non fiction text that is appropriate for your students interest and need.

Students will learn how to write a non fiction gist summary by focusing on
– finding main idea (gist) of the non fiction text
– using key words to summarize

Included in this resource are

– six week lesson calendar

– diagnostic assessment

– understanding non fiction text features

– modelled reading and writing activities

– 5 original articles (Grade 4-6)

– success criteria

– bump it up boards

– assessment rubrics

– sample answers


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Summarizing Non Fiction Texts Unit