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What is Ignited Teaching PLC? 

Sometimes as teachers we just need support to help us get through the difficult parts of teaching. Whether it is implementing a new program in your classroom, troubleshooting problems you encounter in dealing with difficult students or managing the demands of parents and administrators.  We all want to be a part of a supportive community of teachers, however sometimes. for whatever reason, this is not part of our experience.  


The PLC is a judgement-free, supportive community of teachers where you can get your questions answered, feel supported by other like-minded teachers, and have a coach that is here to support you through the struggles that we face day in and day out in your classroom. 


Who can Join

  • Ignited Math Members
  • Ignited Literacy Members
  • Ignited Lessons Club Members


What’s Included

  • Access to monthly resources
  • Private forum/community of members-only content
  • Private Q&A coaching channel with Patti
  • Quarterly Group Calls
  • Teacher Training
  • Ignited Teaching Live 



Month Topic Deliverables  Freebie Curriculum Focus 
August Back To School 

  • Routines 
  • Classroom set up
  • Ignited Planning Live: setting up classroom Routines. 
  • Classroom Design Guide
  • Group Call
  • Planning Template
  • Routine Checklist
  • Long Range Plans
September Building Independent Learners
  • Building Independent Learners Training
  • Building Independent Learners Resource Package 
  • First 15 Days Resources
October Building Relationships with Students and Families 
  • Communication  and Boundaries 
  • Dealing with Difficult Parents 
  • Orange Shirt Day Resource
  • Parent Teacher Interview Prep
November The Hard Part Of Teaching
  • Training: Embracing Failure in your classroom
  • Student Exemplars and General Rubrics 
  • Halloween Literacy Package
  • Exemplars and Rubric
December Teacher Mindset 
  • Guest Speaker – Setting Boundaries for Work and Home 
  • Stop Takng Work Home – 20 Tips to leave work at work. 
  • Teacher Mindset


January Assessment and Evaluation 
  • Report Card Comment Banks
  • Discount Code to Student Evaluator
  • Ignited Teaching Live: Marking and Evaluating Student Work
  • Report Card comment banks
February Equity and Diversity in the Classroom 
  • Guest Speaker – Equity In The Classroom
  • Choosing Equitable Resources in the classroom. 
  • Handout?
March Differentiation and Universal Design
  • Differentiation In the Classroom Training
  • Project Ideas that Work Resource 
  • Quarterly Group Call
  • Differentiate Guide for Math
April Letting Go of Control
  • Training: The Power of Voice and Choice in the classroom 
  • Student Led Project Guide. 
MAY Inquiry and Choice in the classroom 
  • Inquiry 101 course
  • Letting go of control Training Video
  • Group Call
  • Inquiry Freebies
June Teacher Mindset 
  • Trauma
July Long Range Planning 
  • long-range planning Live. 
  • Copy of long-range plans. 
  • Long Range Plans

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Ignited Teaching Platinum Learning Club

$14.99 / month