ONTARIO: Grade 6 Report Card Comment Bank



Save time and grab these fully editable report card comments for the Ontario Report Card for grade 6.

Comments for

  • All strands of Math (2020 Curriculum)
  • All four strands of language with multiple options for each strand
  • All four strands of science
  • Both strands of social studies
  • All four strands of Arts
  • Physical Education and Health Comments

These comments align with the other Ontario Based products in my TPT store.

**This is a digital product that uses Google Sheets***

⭐ ⭐ More information on these comments: ⭐ ⭐
→ These comments align with the other Ontario Based products in my TPT store.
→ These comments reflect current overall curriculum expectations
→ These are general comments each teacher will need to add examples to fit their individual and specific needs.
→ These comments follow the expectations and format as presented in the Ontario “Growing Success” document.
→ These are general comments and may not reflect the exact requirements of your principal, board or personal preferences.

These report card comments are fully editable but they are not a custom product. You will need to personalize these to suit your individual student needs, school or board expectation. These comments are intended to provide you with a starting point only.

Example Level 3 Comments

  • In Number Sense and Numeration ~name can competently read and compare larger whole numbers to one million and integers using place value. He is able to use a variety of tools and strategies such as number lines, fractional models, and describe how these relate to everyday life.
  • When responding to questions about mentor texts read in class ~Name is beginning to use some reading strategies such as inferencing, making connections, comparing and contrasting, and analyzing story elements to support his answer.
  • ~name can often generate, gather, and organize ideas to write organized stories and research reports. He usually drafts, revises and edits his writing to meet agreed-upon success criteria.
  • ~Name has demonstrated a solid understanding of how space exploration has impacted life on earth and our environment. In our inquiry project ~name was able to identify that due to space exploration and research *** was a technology that we use today and he was able to analyze both the pros and cons of the impact this has had on humans.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do these comments meet curriculum current in 2021?

  • Yes! These comments have been updated to meet the current curriculum as of 2021. This includes comments for each strand of the new Ontario math curriculum. Although the math section on the report card is no longer broken into strands, teachers can take the comments they need related to each strand and combine these to suit their needs.

2. Do these comments meet the criteria set by my school board?

  • There is no way to answer this for you. Each school board, principal, the school leader has a different interpretation of what is and is not appropriate for your report cards. These report card comments follow the expectation – example – next step format and include qualifiers. However, these comments are fully editable and can be altered to suit your own personal needs. Please note that report cards are up to your own professional discretion and suggestions by admin or others are just that, suggestions. You, the teacher, have the final say on what is published on your report cards.

3. Do these comments include French?

  • No, like all Madly Learning products, these resources do not support French comments or French Language report cards.

4. Is this available in any other format?

  • YES! Instructions are included to convert this file format to other versions including Microsoft Exel, Word and PDF


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ONTARIO: Grade 6 Report Card Comment Bank