Kudos Club: A Classroom Management System That Builds Community



As teachers, we want to build a community in our classrooms. This can be accomplished with the Kudos Club. With this form of classroom management, you are focusing on positive reinforcement of individuals and the class. Your class works together. However, there are no whole class consequences. Students actively choose to be on the team and decide to work together.

Just Updated: You now get four different variations of the Kudos Club bulletin board layouts.

  • Original Purple Haze – with golden trophy points boards
  • Rainbow Brights – As seen in the video and preview above
  • ML Party Time ** Newest Version Up in my own classroom**
  • An all B&W printable version – no colour required!

This Product Includes

– Detailed implementations guides for the teacher

– Hierarchy of Consequences

– Coloured Bulletin Board set

– Black Ling Bulletin Board set

For more information please follow this link to learn more about the Kudos Club



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Kudos Club: A Classroom Management System That Builds Community