Ignited Math Grade 3 Unit E


Ignited Math is the ultimate spiralled math resource designed specifically for Ontario grade 3 students. This comprehensive package, The Space Around Us, provides teachers with everything they need to deliver engaging and enriching math lessons. With high-quality lesson plans, daily math warm-ups, guided math lessons and activities, student centers, inquiry math activities, and reflective journals, Ignited Math ensures that your students receive a top-notch math education that goes beyond the basics.

Covering the 2022 Ontario Curriculum, this unit focuses on important math concepts such as 2D shapes, perimeter, capacity, directions, and patterns. Each week, students will dive into different topics and develop a deep understanding of the subject matter. From classifying shapes and identifying their properties to estimating area and finding the perimeter of a rectangle, students will gain valuable math skills and knowledge.

Ignited Math has received rave reviews from teachers who have used it in their classrooms. They appreciate the interactive and comprehensive nature of the program, which allows them to cover more material in depth. The program is also flexible, allowing teachers to adapt and customize it to suit their specific needs and the requirements of their school boards.

Investing in Ignited Math is investing in your students’ success. While there may be cheaper math resources available, Ignited Math stands out for its quality and effectiveness. It provides a complete program that covers your entire 60-minute math block, saving you time and effort in supplementing incomplete resources. With Ignited Math, you can be confident that you are delivering the best math education possible to your students.

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Welcome to Ignited Math, the spiralled math resource for teaching your Ontario students in grade 3. This comprehensive package – The Space Around Us includes everything teachers need to cover the entire 60-minute math block with high-quality lesson plans, daily math warm-ups, guided math lessons and activities, student centers, inquiry math activities, and reflective journals.

Ignited Math is designed for teachers who strive for real learning through the best lessons possible, but who don’t have time to do it themselves. With Ignited Math, you can be confident that you’re providing your students with an engaging and enriching math education that will go beyond the basics.

This unit covers the 2022 Ontario Curriculum

Concepts Covered in this Unit

2D Shapes
Unit Summary

3E-W1: Students will understand how to classify 2d shapes and identify the properties of the shapes. Students will identify 3 dimensional shapes and sort the shapes based on their properties. Students will understand the definition of congruent shapes and how to match a 3d shape to its net.

3E-W2: Students will use nonstandard units to estimate and find the area of a given space, they will use manipulatives to find the area and perimeter of a rectangle. They will calculate the perimeter of a rectangle. The students will identify the length of the missing side of the rectangle.

3E-W3: Students will understand how to use nonstandard units to estimate and find the capacity of a container. The student will understand how to tell which objects hold more. Students put objects in order from least to greatest and greatest to least capacity. Students will use a pan balance to measure mass and calculate the amount of mass in an object using weights and the pan balance. The students will understand how to estimate the mass of objects. Students will order mass from greatest to least and least to greatest.

3E-W4: Students will identify the directions on the compass rose, model where the directions are located on a map, identify a whole, half, and quarter turn, and model those turns with directions, understand how to write directions using a physical map, understand how to create a physical map using cardinal directions to tell how to get to different locations.

3E-W5: Students will identify types of patterns, describe pattern rules, identify and create the patterns on a table, model how to use a problem to create a table of values, use a table of values to create a graph.

What Other Teachers are Saying:

“ I’m really excited to try out ignited math mostly because I teach the English part of French immersion and I find I didn’t really have enough time to cover as much as I wanted and go in depth and I just found it was a typical. ‘Here’s your worksheet. Let’s go get it done and move on.’ I wanted something a little bit more interactive and that will help them understand it a lot more. So, that’s why I’m really excited. (Ignited Math) outlines what I will have to do and how to cover all of it” – Krista

“So for me checking out, ignited math was a no-brainer after not having taught math since 2016. This year coming back to teaching. Math was interesting!?!. New curriculum. New math program with an online textbook. And a format that was not very user-friendly. I spent the better part of my time supplementing piecing together and creating from scratch things that I would use in my math program. The fact that I’ve used Patti’s (Madly Learning), material in the past made me very curious about her math program. I love the fact that everything is laid out for you. It’s got all of the lessons and manipulatives and everything that you need. All right there for you, ready to go.” – Lisa

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My School Board mandates I follow their long range plans. Can I make this work?

Yes! We designed Ignited Math to be flexible for teachers to mix, match and move things around. We provide a detailed scope and sequence that outlines the expectations each week so that teachers can reorder and organize their program content in any way that works best fo them. Our recommended layout is just that…a recommendation but good teaching comes when teachers take the resource and make it work in the best way for themselves and their students.

I teach a split do you have split grade bundles?

Ignited Math is special in this regard. We designed this program and all of our grade level packages together. This means that the content in grade 3 matches the content in grade 4, 5, and 6. As the math gets more complex we adapted the lessons and activities to reflect that garage while making the themes, ideas and lessons similar. This allow for teachers to use any of our Ignited Math programs in conjunction with one another seamlessly. So if you teach a split, that means you can own both grade level packages of your split teach, choos the one lesson to both groups and each grade group of students does their own version of the task. There is no other program out there (that we know of) that goes to this level of coordination to ensure split grade teachers, or any teacher that needs to deliver content at multiple grade levels (IEPs, ESL, etc) so simple and straightforward in a way that doesn’t mean you are doing double duty everyday.

This is a big investment…why buy Ignited Math when I can find other math resources for much cheaper?

It’s true! We know that Ignited Math is an investment. But we also know that your time, effort, and energy are worth protecting. Other solutions may give you activities to complete in the same way that a textbook does, but often they are simply a repackaged textbook content made with pretty fonts and clipart. The substance behind them is not good teaching, it lacks the depth and breadth needed for math…and not reflective of the kind of teacher you want to be. Other resources give you a single amazing activity but a full program that is enough for your whole math block. You still find yourself wasting time filling the gaps. The time wasted supplementing incomplete resources leads to a disconnect and disjointed delivery that it might just end up being more work then you have to take on. Ignited Math solves these two issues. It give you high quality, comprehensive lessons that will impress even the most demanding principal and covers your for your whole 60 minute block year after year. This is the ideal full year program you would make yourself if you had unlimited time and resources to do so. You, your students, and your time deserve the best! If you’re still not sure, head over to https://www.ignitedteaching.ca for a free sample week!

Ignited Math Grade 3 Unit E