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Ignited Literacy is a comprehensive spiralled literacy program designed specifically for Canadian classrooms.

This purchase is a license to use Ignited Literacy.  This will allow you to assign this purchase to any one of the three grade levels available.  Buy your license now and assign your grade later when you know what you will be teaching.

Grade Levels Available


  • 3/4 – Perfect for students reading at a DRA 28-48
  • 4/5 – Perfect for students reading at a DRA 38-58
  • 5/6 – Perfect for students reading at a DRA  40-68
Spiral your language arts instruction with this complete solution for your literacy program. This program is for the Ontario Language Curriculum and meeting the expectations of other provincial language arts standards. Implement reader’s and writer’s workshops in your language arts classroom through this spiralled approach to literacy instruction.

This full-year literacy program will…

❤️ engage your students in reading and writing,
❤️reduce your prep and planning time required to implement a highly effective language arts program,
❤️will take all the guesswork out of how to fit it all together.
❤️structure your language arts lessons on a continuum to meet the needs of all your students easily using differentiations, inquiry, and student voice and choice.
This isn’t just a collection of ‘stuff’ to get you through planning it ALL on your own and piecing together 200+ little resources. This will transform your teaching and approach to language arts. Along with every day planned full of engaging literacy content for the whole year you also get. 
  • 3 levels of differentiated Reading Text for Guided Reading each week:
  • A full ‘Getting Started With Ignited Literacy Course
  • Pandemic Planning Package – to prepare you for using this program in any form of teaching during this pandemic
  • Digital conversions of student-friendly pages ready in Google/Powerpoint for digital learning
This program meets the programs of study/ Curriculum Expectations for
  • Based on Ontario Language Arts Curriculum, Canada
  • Also meet the standards from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland. (Possibly Saskatchewan – expectations are not accessible)
This bundle is broken up into monthly character education themes that will have students cycling through their learning step by step throughout the year. Based on research-based pedagogy this program embraces
  • balanced literacy
  • inquiry-based instruction that harnesses student voice and choice
  • the gradual release of responsibility
  • spiralled instruction


  1. Mentor Text Read Aloud with think-aloud suggestions (mentor text not included)
  2. Shared Reading text that digs into the form and structure of writing. Texts are related to the topics and themes of the mentor text and are included in this resource.
  3. Guided reading texts, assessments and tracking pages.
  4. Reader’s and Writer’s workshop independent centers activities (work on writing, editing with their writing team, responding to reading, word work)
  5. Mentor paragraphs to build grammar, and spelling knowledge
  6. Individualized support for student spelling lists
For more information on each month of lessons see the individual listings.
Monthly Themes
September: Responsibility
October: Respect
November: Courage
December: Celebrations
January: Confidence
February: Equity & Acceptance
March: Perseverance
April: Integrity
May: Empathy
June: Caring & Kindness
This resource also includes the Differentiated Texts for Reading which provides you with 3 reading levels of the same text.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. a) Can I use this in grade ___?
    • This package is designed for both split and straight grade classrooms that are within the learning bands outlined for the program.  This is not designed to meet the needs of students working on significantly modified programs or for teachers looking to simplify the curriculum to the extent that they are no longer teacher grade level expecataions.
  2.  How do I access the program?
    • When you purchase this program you will download the instructions. They will walk you through how to register your purchase and get access to the Ignited Literacy Learning Platform
  3. I am so lost when it comes to literacy will this help.  Do you provide coaching?
    • Yes! I want to make your journey into Ignited Literacy as successful as possible. While many teachers successfully implement this in their classrooms on their own. Others need extra support to help them through. For this reason, Ignited Literacy also offers an additional upgrade to the ‘Ignited Teachers: Platinum Literacy Coaching’. This coaching membership will provide you with additional resources each month, group coaching, training videos for the teacher, and Q&A sessions with the author of Ignited Literacy Patti. You can register for this when you register for the program after download.
  4. Is this appropriate for a French Immersion class or Core English program?
    • This program is in English and ideally used for teachers who have at least 8-120 min of literacy instruction each day. fi you are teaching Core English this program would work but you will only utilize half of the program this year and can use the remaining unused content the following year with the same kids. This gives you more options when looping or teaching the same kids for a few years which often happens with Core English teachers.


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Ignited Literacy – Product License