Ignited Spelling: Foundations Unit | Spelling, Vocabulary & Morphology for Ontario Grade 3-6



Unlock the Power of Language: Elevate Student Performance in Spelling, Vocabulary, and Morphology!

Are you tired of monotonous spelling drills that fail to engage your students or fragmented vocabulary lessons that don’t stick? Is too much prep time eating into your hours that could be better spent interacting with your class? Say goodbye to disjointed, low-impact language units and tedious lesson planning!

This comprehensive unit seamlessly integrates spelling, vocabulary, and morphology into six dynamic lessons and activities. Designed to reinforce basic skills and pave the way for more advanced topics, this resource is your one-stop solution for high-quality language instruction.

** This file is included as a bonus within the Full Year Ignited Literacy Bundle **

  • Time-saving: Ready-to-use activities require minimal prep, freeing you to focus on teaching.
  • Engaging Content: Diverse lessons keep students captivated and actively participating.
  • Curriculum-Aligned: Designed to meet Ontario and Alberta 2023 curriculum standards and prepare students for advanced topics.
  • Integrated Learning: Students will use the included shared reading text to learn spelling, vocabulary and morphology skills in context.
  • High-Quality Learning Materials: Professionally created resources enhance lesson delivery and effectiveness.
  • Assessments Included: Easily track student learning with built-in assessments.


Skills Reviewed

– Short Vowel Sounds

– Syllables

– Blends and Digraphs

– Long Vowel Teams

– Affixes

– Synonyms

– Compound Words

– Context Clues


How to Use

1. As a stand-alone 6-week language unit.

2. As supplement material for an existing language arts curriculum.

3. As resources for targeted spelling, vocabulary, or morphology intervention.

4. As activities for literacy centers to promote independent learning.


  • Worried about tech requirements? This is a straightforward PDF download; no special software is required.
  • Concerned about adaptability? The unit reviews basic skills and will be helpful suits various learning levels and can easily adapt to fit your classroom needs.
  • Skeptical about effectiveness? Built-in assessments allow for easy tracking of student progress, ensuring the unit’s impact.
  • Wondering if this requires a lot of printing? We don’t like workbooks or resources that are just full of practice pages because it is simply not good teaching. So we create resources that allow a simple student double-sided page each week for student centers. Our center’s activities are 9 simple pages that you use for the entire 6 weeks, allowing you to prep it once and use them over the course of the whole unit.


In summary, this foundational unit in spelling, vocabulary, and morphology is an all-in-one resource designed to elevate your language instruction. Aligned with educational standards and chock-full of diverse, high-quality lessons, this download is a golden ticket to a more effective and engaging classroom experience. Upgrade your language arts teaching strategy today!


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Ignited Spelling: Foundations Unit | Spelling, Vocabulary & Morphology for Ontario Grade 3-6