*Editable* 5/6 Long Range Plans for Ontario



Elevate Your Teaching Game with Our Fully Editable Long-Range Plans for Ontario’s 5/6 Split Grade Classrooms—Newly Updated for 2023!

Why Opt for Our Long-Range Plans?

Are you teaching a 5/6 split class in Ontario and seeking a one-stop planning solution? Look no further! Crafted in Microsoft PowerPoint, our templates are easily convertible to Google Slides, offering you ultimate flexibility and complete creative control to tailor every detail according to your classroom’s unique needs.

Complete Curriculum Coverage:

  • Language Arts: Dive into Oral Language, Reading, Writing, and Media.
  • Mathematics: From basics to advanced topics, cover it all.
  • Science: Hands-on learning with explorative lessons.
  • Social Studies: Cultivate a deeper understanding of history and culture.
  • The Arts: Enrich your classroom with Visual Arts, Music, and Drama.
  • Health & Physical Education: Prioritize wellbeing with a dynamic curriculum.

Unique Features for Your 5/6 Split Classroom:

  • Color-Coded Design: Effortlessly navigate with our visually appealing, user-friendly format.
  • Character Development: Seamlessly incorporate valuable life skills into your language curriculum.
  • Harmonized Units: Integrated, cross-grade thematic units for a holistic educational experience.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning: Stimulate curiosity with big ideas and key questions in Science and Social Studies.
  • Summative Assessments: Culminating tasks in Science and Social Studies for comprehensive evaluation.

Rave Reviews from Teachers:

“I’ve never felt so prepared. This tool is a game-changer for split classes!”

“Switching to a 5/6 split was intimidating, but these plans made it so much easier.”

“Finally, plans that are equally effective for my English and French students!”

Getting Started is Easy:

Upon your purchase, you will receive a download link and straightforward instructions. Simply add to cart to create your personal copy of the original file, ready for your customization.



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*Editable* 5/6 Long Range Plans for Ontario