Differentiated Texts for Reading: 4/5 Package C – Guided Reading Levels N-Y


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In each package, there are 4 different texts that can be used for shared, guided or independent reading. Each text is provided at three different reading levels from grade 3-6. With this resource, you can assign the same story for many different students who are all reading at different levels.

This resource will save teachers time in trying to find and teach multiple different lessons for each group of readers in your classroom. Instead, you can plan one lesson and use the same story that is accessible to a wide range of readers in your classroom.

This resource does not include guided reading lessons, only stories are included. To find the guided reading lessons that align with these stories you can find these within my Ignited Literacy Program.


This is included in the following products

Grades 4&5 Ignited Literacy – Complete Full Year Spiralled Language Arts Program


Texts Included in Package C

  1. Pink Shirts Stand Up To Bullying
  2. Children of War
  3. The Power of Positivity
  4. Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Will these work for grade ___?

These texts are designed ideally for a grade 4-5 classroom. The lowest reading level is a DRA 30 or Level N. While the lower level texts could work for a grade 3 classroom it is best suited for teachers who need to use grade-level texts and then modify for students that are reading 1-2 levels below grade level. These are not accessible for any students who are reading below a grade 3 level or ELL students.

b) Do these come in French?

No. These along with all Madly Learning products are not available in French. However these will work for Core English programs for French Immersion students who are reading at levels ranging from grades 3-6.

c) Are these Digital Ready?

Yes! These are simply PDF versions of the readings. As a teacher, you can download the PDF and use the print to PDF feature to assign select pages to students as needed. These PDF resources are also accessible to E-Readers.


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Differentiated Texts for Reading: 4/5 Package C – Guided Reading Levels N-Y