MEASUREMENT: Differentiated Daily Math for Gr. 3-6 – Length, Area and Perimeter



These are the daily math pages for Metric Measurement that I use in my classroom as the basis for my daily math practice and open-ended math lesson. These can be used as bell ringers, or homework, or daily practice. There are 30+ double-sided daily math sheets to help your students master the concepts of addition and subtraction. These are great for differentiated instruction.

Each page follows the three-part lesson format with a ‘working on it’ section, word problem, and ‘reflection section’. Perfect to complement your math instruction program.


Learning Goals Included

  • Metric Measurement of mm, cm, dm, m, km
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Measure length, height and distance
  • Justify the most appropriate unit of measure
  • Compare shapes that have the same perimeter and area.
  • Solve problems involving the conversion between units
  • Use standard and non-standard algorithms to determine the relationship between the length and width of rectangles


What do you mean differentiated?

  • These are differentiated because you can use one page for every student. This means that your students working with below grade-level expectations or above will also do the same pages. They are differentiated because the questions are designed to increase or decrease the complexity based on the fraction you start with.


How does it work?

Each day you will give students one double-sided page. Page one includes familiar practice pages.

This page is repeated and familiar each day. However, the work each day is different. As you work through this front page the questions become familiar and routine as students master these skills through routine and practice.

On page two then there is a problem of the day. This problem can be used as a modelled lesson, a partner activity, the basis for your number talks, or quick assessments.


If everyone is doing something different isn’t it more work?

Actually, it is less!! There is less work because you have less prep. By grouping students, you can give each group a different starting point each day. They use their numbers to show mastery. Because the pages are familiar it is easy to track growth and understanding quickly as students are working.


Are there answer pages?

YES! there are answer pages. These pages are differentiated so each student’s answers might be different depending on where they choose to place objects on their grids or on which skills you have determined different groups to complete. Therefore the answer pages all provide sample answers to give you an idea of how they are to be used. I have also included teacher tips on these answer pages to help you further.


Is this a full unit of your science and social studies products? This is a different type of product completely. I use these as the basis of my own math program but the purpose of this is flexibility. They can be used as homework practice, your core practice, bell work, assessment, practice…the uses are endless. Use these pages to supplement your program and integrate them into your number talks, hands-on activities, games, etc.


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MEASUREMENT: Differentiated Daily Math for Gr. 3-6 – Length, Area and Perimeter