ONTARIO SCIENCE: Gr. 5 – Conservation of Energy Complete Inquiry Unit



Help your students understand energy. From what is energy to how it is generated to how it is conserved. Students will engage in inquiry learning to learn more, dig deeper and expand their understanding of how our use of energy impacts the environment.

This unit meets all the curriculum expectations for

• Ontario Grade 5 Conservation of Energy

&Bull; BC Energy can be transformed *New Curriculum

• NGSS – Grade 4 Energy (4-PS3-2, 4-PS3-3)


This unit includes

• provocation cards for Wonder Wall tm activity

• What is Energy?

• Energy experiments exploring: Potential and Kinetic Energy

• Energy experiments: Electricity

• Energy experiments: Chemical and Heat Energy

• Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy

• Human Impact on the Environment

• Game Board Review

• Independent Inquiry Project


Engage your students with

• Knowledge building circles

• Interactive Notebooks

• Easy prep experiments

• Student research articles

• Student research links via exclusive LiveBinder®

• Scaffolded student reflections

• detailed teachers guides and lesson plans

• answer sheets


Here is what other are saying:

Love it! Such a big help for my split class. Looking forward to other combined units for 4/5! Thanks so much!

Very interactive and engaging unit. My students love this unit!

Very easy to use! Great resource. I especially like how the learning goals are listed for each lesson and the inquiry questions.


Meets the 2023 Curriculum Requirements!!


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ONTARIO SCIENCE: Gr. 5 – Conservation of Energy Complete Inquiry Unit