3/4 Long Range Plans for Ontario – Digital and Fully Editable



Revamp your teaching experience with our Fully Editable Long-Range Plans for Ontario’s 3/4 Split Grade Classrooms—Newly Updated for 2023!

**Why Choose Our Long-Range Plans?**

Designed for the busy educator in mind, our customizable long-range plans are the ultimate tool to streamline your academic year. Crafted in Microsoft PowerPoint, our templates can be effortlessly converted to Google Slides for greater flexibility. Gain complete creative control and tailor every detail to your specific needs.

**Comprehensive Coverage Across Subjects:**
1. **Language Arts**: Master Oral Language, Reading, Writing, and Media.
2. **Mathematics**: Comprehensive curriculum including core concepts.
3. **Science**: Explorative and hands-on approaches.
4. **Social Studies**: Engaging units for cultural and historical understanding.
5. **Arts**: Immerse students in Visual Arts, Music, and Drama.
6. **Health & Physical Education**: Foster healthy living and active lifestyles.

**Unmatched Features for 3/4 Split Classes:**
– **Color-Coded Layout**: Easily navigate through the plans with a user-friendly, visually appealing format.
– **Curated Read-Alouds**: Enhance language instruction with our recommended reading lists.
– **Character Education**: Seamlessly integrate character-building traits into language studies.
– **Unified Units**: Cross-grade units that coordinate subjects for a well-rounded learning experience.
– **Inquiry-Driven Learning**: Engaging big ideas and inquiry questions to spark curiosity in Science and Social Studies.
– **Culminating Tasks**: End-of-unit assessments in Science and Social Studies for effective learning evaluation.

**What Teachers Say:**
– *”Teaching combined grades just got easier. This is a lifesaver!”*
– *”I jumped into a split class mid-year. This resource helped me catch up and excel in my planning.”*
– *”As a first-time split grade teacher, I was overwhelmed. These plans are applicable to both my English and French instructional needs!”*

**How to Get Started:**
Upon purchase, you’ll receive a download link to a Google document along with step-by-step instructions. Simply follow the link to make a personal copy of the original file for your editing ease.

**Enhance Your Classroom Further:**
– **Differentiated Daily Math: Growing Bundle**
– **Grade 4 Science and Social Studies Inquiry Unit**

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3/4 Long Range Plans for Ontario – Digital and Fully Editable