Ep 126: How to Run Your Guided Reading Sessions

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Wondering what guided reading looks like…let me show you step by step

“They” tell us that we need to be doing guided reading. Easier said than done. This is especially true in Junior grades where most of our students now know how to read and we are focusing on higher-level skills beyond teaching ‘how to read’ skills.

I’ll be honest I struggled for a few years with how to do reading at the junior level. But I’ve finally got what works for me! And, it’s structure is easily re-creatable in other classrooms too.

There are three key steps I move through in each of my guided reading sessions. These steps are easy to plan and track each time I meet with my students.

I could tell you what I do, but instead, I wanted to show you exactly the steps I go through; Therefore, I have enlisted the help of a special little guest to help demonstrate the process I follow in each session.

Ready to watch? Click the link of your choice below to learn more.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to the end where I will share with you how to grab my helpful guided reading planning and tracking tools within the Madly Learning membership.

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