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Report Card Writing Made Easy with Simply Graded

Are you tired of spending countless hours crafting personalized report card comments for each of your students? Report card writing season can be a daunting task for teachers, often filled with inefficiencies and manual work. Thankfully, there’s a solution designed with your needs in mind—Simply Graded. This powerful tool can transform the way you approach report card writing, making the process faster, more efficient, and far less stressful. Let’s dive into how Simply Graded can help you streamline your report card writing process

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The Challenge of Report Card Writing

Report card season can be a stressful time for teachers. The process of writing detailed, personalized comments for each student is time-consuming and often inefficient. The primary issue isn’t just generating the comments themselves but navigating the cumbersome tools provided for report card writing. Many of these tools are not designed with the end-user, the teacher, in mind, resulting in a process that is repetitive, manual, and frustrating.


The Problem with Current Tools

Most report card writing tools lack the necessary features to streamline the process. They fail to automate repetitive tasks and don’t effectively use comment banks, leading to inefficiencies. This inefficiency is mainly because the software designers often do not consult teachers during development, focusing instead on the needs of those who purchase the tools, not those who use them.


Introducing Simply Graded

In response to these challenges, Simply Graded was created. Simply Graded is a powerful, user-friendly tool designed to make report card writing faster and more efficient. Built on Google Sheets, it uses complex formulas to automate many of the tasks involved in creating report cards.


Key Features of Simply Graded




How Simply Graded Works

Step 1: Enter Your Class List

Start by entering your class list, including students’ first names, last names, and pronouns. This information is crucial as it will be used to generate personalized comments.


Step 2: Customize the Comment Bank

Simply Graded comes with a pre-populated comment bank, but teachers can add and customize comments to suit their needs. Whether you need comments for different terms, progress reports, or specific subjects, you can create a comprehensive library of comments.


Step 3: Build Your Comments

Once your comment bank is set up, you can begin building your comments. By selecting the appropriate grades and comments from the dropdown menus, Simply Graded will automatically generate the complete comment for each student, ensuring that the comments are tailored and accurate.


Step 4: Copy and Paste

After generating the comments, you can easily copy and paste them into your report card writing tool or a Word document, ready for submission.


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Simply Graded is designed to save teachers time and reduce the inefficiencies associated with report card writing. With its automated features and customizable options, it allows teachers to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks. If you’re looking for a way to make report card writing easier and more efficient, Simply Graded might be the perfect tool for you.


Save Time with the Report Card Comment Generator Bundle

Writing report cards shouldn’t take you hours! On average, teachers spend over 25 hours creating report cards. To save time and effort, we created our Report Card Comment Generator and pre-written comment banks. Using these two tools together, you can create customized report card comments and learning skills in half the time.


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